Hiring writer for poker related website

I’m posting this on behalf of a friend of mine:

I’m looking for a knowledgeable online poker player who is capable of writing good, 250-300 word articles for my online poker niche blog.

The blog does specifically cover playing poker on Mac OS X so it is required that you are using (or have access to) a Mac for playing online poker, as articles are going to include reviews on poker rooms and software for the Mac.

You also need to be able to play/test the big poker rooms such as: pokerstars.comfulltiltpoker.comwinamax.frcarbonpoker.com, etc. on your Mac.

I will be researching target worthy keywords and you will be in charge of writing an article that targets those keywords. I can assist with SEO if necessary, more important is that you are knowledgeable in the area of online poker and have perfect written English skills.

Required skills:
– Excellent English writing
– Active online poker player
– Knowledgeable about the poker game
– Having access to Mac OS X to test the Mac clients of various poker rooms, as well as poker software for the Mac.

If you do a good job, this will likely turn into an ongoing thing, as I need plenty of fresh content to build my blog.

In your application, please state your price for a 300 word article or your per-word rate, example articles would be:

– Review of a Poker Room (for example: Pokerstars)
– Review of Mac Poker Software (examples: PokerTracker for Mac, Poker Copilot)
– 10 tips for online poker beginners
– and so forth…

To apply either send an email to twoplustwo@wildmind.ch or apply for this job posting on oDesk, using the following link:


Thank you for your applications.


Fixed: "Window too small to track" problem

tl;dr: This update (Poker Copilot 4.01) fixes the problem.

I couldn’t reproduce this problem on my office iMac. I couldn’t reproduce it on two MacBook Pros. Mysterious. Last night I did reproduce it on a virtual machine. The difference was that I didn’t install Dropbox on the virtual machine.

So the Dynamic HUD only worked if you had Dropbox installed. A complete oversight – I had failed to remove some development code that was recording some information to Dropbox. I removed the snipped of development code, and things started working.

Do note that the Dynamic HUD is still experimental. You may need to try making your window bigger or smaller to get the optimal result. The Dynamic HUD uses screen-scraping, so if a player’s name is obscured or not visible, then the screen-scraper won’t know who is sitting at the seat, and consequently the HUD panel for that player will disappear.

Check or Bet?

When the cards don’t render on PokerStars you really need to use your position-playing skills.

Parallels Picture

"Window too small to track" problem

Some of you have been trying Poker Copilot 4’s “Dynamic” HUD for Rush Poker and Zoom Poker, and are always getting this message: “Window too small to track”. Until now I’ve been unable to reproduce this problem.

Today I used Parallels to create a fresh install of Mac OS X on a virtual machine. Happily, on that virtual machine I reproduced the problem. I saw “happily” because the first step to fixing a problem is being able to reproduce it. Now I have a situation in which I can add a load of diagnostic information and run Poker Copilot here in the lab to track down and fix the problem.

Sorry for anyone who is inconvenienced by this.

Poker Copilot 4 and Winamax

If you’ve used Poker Copilot 3 with Winamax successfully, and you’ve now upgraded to Poker Copilot 4, your “preferred seat” settings will have been reset. This was unavoidable, due to a subtle technical reason. (Read: I made a mistake in Poker Copilot 3). As a consequence the HUD panels will show on the wrong players.

Here’s how you can fix this:

First, in Winamax, select from the menu “Tools” -> “Options”:

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 6 55 43 PM

Then select “Game” -> “Options”, and make sure Preferred Seat is set to “Top”, “Right”, “Lower”, or “Left”:

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 6 55 57 PM

Now in Poker Copilot, open the Preferences, select the “Poker Rooms” panel, and set the Winamax Poker preferred seat to match:

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 6 52 13 PM

Now, you should find the HUD panels in the correct place for all Winamax tables.


Another Poker Copilot 4 Problem Squashed

Some long time Poker Copilot users have upgraded to Poker Copilot 4, and are getting this error message, causing a crash:

Invalid value for casino id: 4

I believe I’ve now fixed this. You can download the fixed update here.

The problem was experienced by people who have hands from Absolute Poker or UB, two sites that have been defunct since Poker’s Black Friday.

Poker Copilot 4: Initial Problems

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, tried, and purchased Poker Copilot. There are some initial problems that have arisen in the last couple of days now that many people are using Poker Copilot 4. Three problems dominate:

  1. When some people move the HUD panels around they keep jumping back to previous location. I believe I’ve now fixed this. You can try it out in this update.
  2. Poker Copilot 4 is crashing at startup for some people when it tries to convert their Poker Copilot 3 database to Poker Copilot 4. I hope to have a fix for this later today. (Update: Please try this update, which should fix the problem.)
  3. When using the Dynamic HUD, some people are seeing the “Window too small to track” message, no matter what size the window is. I hope to at least partially solve  this over the weekend. If a poker table window is at least 800 x 575 pixels in size it is large enough to track. This means the “Window too small to track” is being shown instead of the correct message. So the first step is to make Poker Copilot show the correct error message.

I appreciate your patience while I work feverishly on these problems.

Poker Copilot 4 Email Campaign

If you purchased Poker Copilot in the past, you most likely received one of two different emails I sent today. They both look like this:

Screen Shot 2013 06 19 at 5 21 46 pm

I have minimal design skills, but I think the emails look pretty good. That’s all thanks to MailChimp. I’m pleased with how easy it was to create an email campaign. The whole process felt much easier than it probably was. If you need to manage an email list or send out an email campaign, I’d recommend giving MailChimp a go.

This whole “launch a new major update” process is exciting, and nerve-wracking, and fun, all at the same time.