Poker Copilot’s HUD now works with Americas Cardroom new software

There is a new Poker Copilot update available today that works with Americas Cardroom (ACR)’s new software.

To get the new version, start Poker Copilot and when prompted to update, do so.

You can also download the latest Poker Copilot update directly from our home page.

Keep reading for the details…

A week ago, Americas Cardroom (ACR) released a major new version of their software.

The new software, so called ACR version 2, is really good. It is a big improvement, especially on Mac, where ACR version 1 never stopped being a beta version.

But there were problems for ACR. The initial release didn’t go smoothly for ACR.

Now, a week later, things seem to be more stable, and so we’ve been able to add support for the new ACR software.

We wanted to get our HUD working for ACR players as soon as possible. So it is possible that there are some issues with our HUD on ACR that we haven’t yet discovered and fixed.

If you find any problems with Poker Copilot on ACR, please let us know.

Other Winning Poker Network (WPN) skins

If you are playing on BlackChip Poker or other WPN skins, and our HUD is not detecting your room correctly, let us know. We want to support all WPN skins.

Support for ACR’s major new update coming soon

Today America’s Cardroom (ACR) released a major new update.

The new ACR update has made some changes that are stopping Poker Copilot from reading hands and showing the HUD.

We are currently working on an update for Poker Copilot to support these ACR changes. We’ll release the update as soon as we can.

The new ACR, by the way, seems really good. The Mac version is many times better than the older version, and now seems to be on par with the Windows version of ACR.