Poker Copilot 5.45 is now available

Poker Copilot 5.45 is now available to download

This update has many small fixes and improvements. The most important changes are:

  • [Mac] Added support for 888PokerNJ
  • [Windows] Added support for BlackChipPoker (Winning Poker Network skin)
  • Fix for HUD on PartyPoker “Powerfest” tournaments
  • Fix for 888poker 6-max tables where players were being assigned the wrong position
  • Fix for incorrect calculation of rake on some Winning Poker Network hands


Poker Copilot Website in Italian

The Poker Copilot website is now available in Italian. Poker Copilot itself is also fully available in Italian, as well as French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Portuguese. And English.

To run Poker Copilot in any of these languages, you don’t need to do anything special. If your computer is already running in Italian, Poker Copilot will automatically detect this, and run in Italian.

You can override the language. If you prefer to use your computer in Italian, but play poker in English, Poker Copilot’s Preferences offers a language override.



No more Poker Copilot HUD on Carbon Poker?

Carbon Poker just released an update. This update no longer saves hand history files. It seems Carbon has intentionally disabled hand histories. From Carbon support:

We made some updates to the Hand History function and is no longer stored in your computer. You can review the hands played in the current session from the Hand History section in the poker software.

Without hand history files, Poker Copilot can’t work with Carbon Poker. This means no HUD.

If Carbon change their mind and they release an update that reactivates the saving of hand history files, we’ll be able to support it again.

Looking for an alternative poker room that allows US players? We recommend America’s Cardroom. It runs on both Mac and Windows, and Poker Copilot fully supports it.

(This also affects other Merge Network rooms, including Sportsbook Poker, Odds Poker, and Players Only.)

Dynamic HUD improvements

For PokerStars Zoom players on Mac, Poker Copilot offers an experimental Dynamic HUD. In last week’s update, we snuck in a couple of Dynamic HUD improvements without announcing them.

We’ve changed the screen-scraping technique. Now it can scrape text that might not be visible to you because you’ve got a HUD panel on top of it. This makes for a much more effective result.

We’re working on a couple of other improvements to the Dynamic HUD. We’re also looking into how we can add it to Poker Copilot for Windows.