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I took a look today at Lock Poker’s new Mac client. It is actually the Windows software made to run on OS X using CrossOver, which itself uses Wine. This is not an ideal solution, and hopefully is just an interim approach. It seems to me that making the Poker Copilot HUD work with this approach is not feasible. However it should be possible to track hand history files.

So in summary: Poker Copilot stats and reports but no Poker Copilot  HUD on the new Lock Poker platform.

It should take a few days until I can add support for Lock Poker hand histories. If you have any from their new software, please send them to me at steve@pokercopilot.com

What do MP, EP, CO mean in the positional stats?

Screen Shot 2012 05 31 at 12 12 11 PM

Poker Copilot 3.10 introduced stats by position. The positions are defined as follows:

  • BB – big blind
  • SB – small blind
  • BTN – button
  • CO – cut-off
  • MP – in 6-max tables, the seat before the cut-off. That is, cut-off – 1. In full ring tables, cut-off – 1, cut-off – 2, and cut-off – 3
  • EP – in 6 max tables, cut-off – 2. In full ring tables, cut-off – 4, cut-off – 5, and, if a 10-player table, cut-off – 6

This is in line with Hold’em Manager’s definitions.

Adding a new Ongame Network poker room to Poker Copilot

If you play on an Ongame Network room that isn’t currently supported in Poker Copilot, you can send me an email to steve@pokercopilot.com requesting it to be added. I’ll need three pieces of information that you can send in the email.

  • The name of the application, exactly as it is shown your Applications folder. Upper/lower case is important.
  • While the poker room is running, open “Activity Monitor” (you’ll find it in Applications -> Utilities, or just type it into Spotlight). Make sure the poker room is visible in the list of “Process Names” in  Activity Monitor, take a screenshot of this, and send it to me.
  • Right-click or ctrl-click on the poker room app in your Applications folder, select “Show Package Contents”, navigate down to Contents -> Bundles, find the file called “client.properties” there, and send that file to me.

(You can take a screenshot by pressing Cmd+Shift+3. The screenshot will be saved to your desktop.)

Adding a new Merge Network poker room to Poker Copilot

If you play on a Merge Network room that isn’t currently supported in Poker Copilot, you can send me an email to steve@pokercopilot.com requesting it to be added. I’ll need three pieces of information that you can send in the email:

  • The name of the poker room
  • The name of the application, exactly as it is shown in the OS X Dock when running. Upper/lower case is important.
  • The name of the folder where it stores hand histories. This is always found as a subfolder in your Library folder. Again, upper/lower case is important.

For example, for Players Only, the information is:

  • room name: Players Only
  • application name: PlayersOnly.com
  • hand history folder: Library/PlayersOnly

PokerStars on iPad and Poker Copilot

A couple of weeks ago PokerStars released their iPad/iPhone app that allows you to play on PokerStars. Poker Copilot can’t give you a HUD on the iPad. Unlike on the Mac, on the iPad one app can’t not interact with another app. It is simply not feasible.

You can, however, get your hand histories from the iPad version onto Poker Copilot on your Mac. After a session, you can request that PokerStars email your hand history files. Once you receive them, copy the contents of the email into a text file, and save the text file in your hand history folder.


Lock Poker and Poker Copilot

On May 7th, Lock Poker made this announcement:

Lock is in the process of acquiring assets from Cake and will be re-branding the Cake Network to launch Revolution Gaming…To all existing Lock players this move will be seamless – it will take the form of a simple software update happening on May 31st.

Cake Network currently doesn’t work on Mac. Therefore Poker Copilot doesn’t work with Cake Network. I asked Lock about their plans for Mac, and this is their answer:

…It appears unlikely our Mac client will be ready for the time of the relaunch so we are right now working on the best solution to allow our Mac players to continue to play…

However, in the 2+2 forums, there is a hint that they may have Mac support available at relaunch on May 31st/June 1st:

The Mac client is over its only real hurdle and is nearly complete. We are anticipating having no problems launching with a Mac compatible client, but do have a backup plan if any last minute problems arise.

What that means for Poker Copilot users who will use Revolution Gaming (ex Cake, ex Lock) is this:

As soon as Revolution Gaming (ex Lock Poker) has a viable Mac native app, we’ll work hard to get support into Poker Copilot for it. It might take a few days, depending on the quality and reliability of their hand history files.

Poker Copilot 3.10 Now Available

Poker Copilot 3.10 is now available to download.

Unfortunately the auto-updater embedded in 3.09 is not working correctly, so you’ll need to do this update manually.

What’s changed:

  • New statistics: VPIP by position.
  • New statistics: Preflop Raised by position.
  • New statistics: Aggression Frequency by street.
  • You can filter for Zoom Poker hands (More -> Zoom Poker Only).
  • Small tweaks and bug fixes.

Known problem:

  • PartyPoker hands can’t be reliably imported into Poker Copilot. There are several problems in PartyPoker’s hand history file on Mac OS X.

This update needs to update your database. To see the new stats for your historical data, use “Tools” -> “Recalculate Statistics” in Poker Copilot’s menu.

Update Instructions:

  1. Download the latest version here.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Drag the Poker Copilot icon to the Applications icon. If prompted to replace an existing version, confirm that you do want to replace.

Now you are done and ready to hit the tables.

Crushing the Microstakes and Poker Copilot’s HUD

Crushing the Microstakes is the name of an e-book I just finished reading. Highly recommended. It’s written by Nathan Williams, a person who has done exactly what the title of the book says. It’s also formatted to be read on a computer screen – large fonts, in a PDF in landscape orientation.

Here is Nathan’s recommend HUD setup for playing microstakes cash games:

  • Voluntarily put money in the pot
  • Preflop raised
  • Aggression Factor (although I think Aggression Frequency is a better option)
  • Number of hands played
  • Continuation bet (flop)
  • Fold to continuation bet (flop)
  • Continuation bet (turn)
  • Fold to continuation bet (turn)
  • 3-bet preflop
  • Fold to 3-bet preflop
Here’s how that looks in Poker Copilot:

Screen Shot 2012 05 09 at 5 20 08 PM


Early Access Version of the next Poker Copilot Update

If you want to try out all the delicious new statistics coming to the next Poker Copilot update, you can have a sneak preview already. Download and install this update to try out the stats. Go to the “Advanced Statistics” Dashboard, and then on the toolbar, click on the new “Show statistics by position” View button.

All of the new statistics can be added to the HUD, using the preferences.

Upon opening this update for the first time Poker Copilot will update your database. This may take some time.

Please post feedback in the Poker Copilot discussion forum.

Screen Shot 2012 05 08 at 4 41 01 PM