Lock Poker and Poker Copilot

On May 7th, Lock Poker made this announcement:

Lock is in the process of acquiring assets from Cake and will be re-branding the Cake Network to launch Revolution Gaming…To all existing Lock players this move will be seamless – it will take the form of a simple software update happening on May 31st.

Cake Network currently doesn’t work on Mac. Therefore Poker Copilot doesn’t work with Cake Network. I asked Lock about their plans for Mac, and this is their answer:

…It appears unlikely our Mac client will be ready for the time of the relaunch so we are right now working on the best solution to allow our Mac players to continue to play…

However, in the 2+2 forums, there is a hint that they may have Mac support available at relaunch on May 31st/June 1st:

The Mac client is over its only real hurdle and is nearly complete. We are anticipating having no problems launching with a Mac compatible client, but do have a backup plan if any last minute problems arise.

What that means for Poker Copilot users who will use Revolution Gaming (ex Cake, ex Lock) is this:

As soon as Revolution Gaming (ex Lock Poker) has a viable Mac native app, we’ll work hard to get support into Poker Copilot for it. It might take a few days, depending on the quality and reliability of their hand history files.