888poker HUD: A tutorial video

I’ve added a new video to the Poker Copilot tutorial videos. See how to configure 888poker for Poker Copilot, see what our 888poker HUD looks like, and learn how to understand the HUD.

Watch me play on 888poker, and watch me use Poker Copilot to help me play.

I first explain how to configure 888poker for Poker Copilot:

  • In 888poker, from the “Settings” menu, select “Game Settings”.
  • Check the checkbox labelled “Keep my hand history in:”
  • Set Days to keep hand history: to 9999
  • And click “Apply”
  • I need to set my preferred seat…for every table size.
  • First 10 Max, then 9 seats, 8 seats, 6 seats.
  • Now 5 seats, and 4 seats. Three seats. Heads up…and done!
  • Click on “Apply” and then “Save and close”.
  • Finally you need to restart 888poker.

Now you can start Poker Copilot. If it is already running, restart it. It is important to restart so that Poker Copilot can detect the changes you made to 888poker’s settings.

Then I show the HUD running on 888poker:

  • After the first hand at a new table is completed, the HUD should appear.
  • There’s a HUD panel next to each player.
  • Above the line, you can see the player name, and how many hands we’ve played against them.
  • The higher this number, the more reliable Poker Copilot’s information is.
  • Below the line, you can see “VPIP”.
  • This indicates how often a player takes part in hands.
  • It’s a percentage, and the full name is “Voluntarily put money in the pot”.
  • It’s a standard poker term for online play.
  • The higher this number, the looser a player is.
  • Good players keep this number pretty low, typically around 20% on a full-ring table.
  • Next we can see how often a player raises.
  • “PFR” means pre-flop raise.
  • Again, this is a percentage.
  • The higher the number, the more often the player raises pre-flop.
  • It shows how aggressive a player is.
  • If this number is very low, the player is passive.
  • If the number is close to the value of VPIP (which is actually the maximum value it can have), the player is very aggressive.
  • The third and final number is “Aggression Frequency”.
  • It’s also a percentage. It measures how aggressive a player is in the hands in which he sees the flop.
  • Once he gets the flop, does this player fold? call? raise? bet?
  • Aggression Frequency is higher if a player is more likely to bet and raise than he is to fold and call postflop.
  • If you don’t like the location of the HUD panels, you can move them.
  • Click, hold down the mouse, then drag the panel.
  • Here in the top-right hand corner we have the HUD control panel.
  • I’m not going to explain everything about the control panel in this video.
  • What you do need to know is that this config icon gives you a menu of options you can use to fine-tune the appearance of the HUD.
  • All this information is explained in full detail in our online user guide.

To get started with Poker Copilot on 888poker, go to our website and download a free 30-day trial now.


PartyPoker “Sit & Go Hero” tournaments now supported in Poker Copilot

A week or two ago Party Poker introduced their variant of the “Jackpot Poker”. It’s a four-handed hyper-turbo Sit & Go game tournament. The prize pool is determined at the start of the tournament with a simulated “spin”. Typically the prize pool is double your buy-in, but can be as much as 10,000 times the buy-in. One player is randomly selected at the beginning of the tournament to have a bounty on their head, too.

Jackpok Poker was pioneered by Winamax as “Expresso”, copied by PokerStars as “Spin & Go” and America’s Cardroom as simply “Jackpot Poker”. Until now the format was always three-max and winner-takes-all.

Poker Copilot now fully supports “Sit & Go Hero”. We’ll be releasing an update this week which includes this improvement.