Poker Copilot Discount: 20% off until Feb 14th, 2015

From today (Jan 30th, 2015) until February 14th, 2015, we are going to brazenly bribe you to buy or upgrade to Poker Copilot 5.

We’ve introduced a 20% discount for everybody. Simply go to our online store, and you’ll see the 20% discount automatically applied:

Prefer euros? The same discount applies:

That’s the full edition of Poker Copilot, with Hold’em support and Omaha support. All features are included, at all stake levels. This is no “small stakes” edition.

Remember: this discount ends on February 14th, 2015. So buy Poker Copilot 5 now.


Poker Copilot 5 includes Omaha support for all customers

tl;dr: Poker Copilot 5 includes full Omaha support for all customers.

For a while, we charged a little extra to get Poker Copilot with Omaha support. This was in line with the “up-sell” model that many sales and marketing experts tell us small business owners we should be doing. “Capturing consumer surplus” and “price discrimination” are the rather strange names given to this practice.

However I was never really happy with the increased complication it added. I hate it when I decide to buy a product, then go to the sales options, and find I now need to work out which edition of a product I want to buy. Especially when, with software, it is obvious that the only difference between two editions is usually a set of “if-then-else” code statements.

So with the introduction of Poker Copilot 5 (which you can download from our home page) I’ve gone back to the “one edition to rule them all” approach. There is only one edition of Poker Copilot 5; it includes Hold’em support and Omaha support. So long, “price discrimination”.

Upgrade to Poker Copilot 5 from any earlier edition of Poker Copilot and you get full Omaha support.

Here are some benefits of this decision:

  • Now our purchase page is simpler. You have only one, clear, obvious, easy-to-make decision: are you buying Poker Copilot for the first time? If so, then buy the full edition. Otherwise buy the upgrade. Both paths lead to the same destination.
    Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.24.47 pm
  • Our customer support is easier. When someone reports a problem with Poker Copilot, we no longer need to work out whether that is because Omaha is not enabled.
  • Our software registration logic is simpler. As well as the code through Poker Copilot that used to artificially limit options based on license key. Simpler code typically equates to less bugs.

Perhaps when my company gets to be comparable in size to Microsoft, I’ll reconsider this approach. But until then, I think I prefer simplicity for my team, and simplicity for my customers.

Buy Poker Copilot 5 here and get full Omaha support.

Upgrade to Poker Copilot 5 here and get full Omaha support.





Poker Copilot 5.04 Now Available

Poker Copilot 5.04 is now available. Get it here:

This update has many small tweaks and fixes. The most important changes are:

  • New: “Tools” -> “PokerStars Hand History Creator” makes it easy to add hands contained in a PokerStars email.
  • New: Better-looking charts on Retina displays
  • Fix: Better performance on computers with 4 GB of memory or less.
  • Fix for some memory usage problems.
  • Fix: PartyPoker hand history files couldn’t be imported if your computer was running in a language other than English.
  • Fix: Leak Detectors now have the option to run over either ring games or tournaments


Poker Copilot 5 Improved for Retina Displays

Have you tried Poker Copilot 5 yet? You can download it from our homepage.

If you have a Retina screen, such as what you find on a modern MacBook Pro, then you’ll notice that the text and icons on Poker Copilot 5 look much sharper than Poker Copilot 4. We’ve changed all the text to use a better typeface for Retina; we’ve created Retina versions of all our icons; we’ve made the necessary changes for the replayer and other screens to look as high-definition as possible.

Today I realised there was one gap in our Retina improvements: the charts weren’t so good. I had never noticed before, but suddenly I couldn’t help but notice how blurry the text on the charts is compared to the text elsewhere in the app.

So I fixed it. Here’s a “before” shot and an “after” shot.




These improvements will be in the next update of Poker Copilot.


Poker Copilot 5.02 Available

Poker Copilot 5.02 is now available for download. This has many small bug fixes and tweaks.

The biggest problem we are still working on is fixing the database auto-update for people moving from Poker Copilot 4 to Poker Copilot 5.

If you have more than 100,000 hands in your database, you may hit some problems upgrading to Poker Copilot 5, so we recommend you keep using Poker Copilot 4 until we solve this.

If you have less than 100,000 hands in your database, please move to Poker Copilot 5 as soon as you can, so that you get the better performance, tidier look, and new features.