Poker Copilot 6 finally announced, six months after it was released!

We made Poker Copilot 6 available in February 2017; it’s now August 2017. We forgot to tell Poker Copilot 5 customers about Poker Copilot 6 until today. Nah, we didn’t completely forget. At first we didn’t tell people on purpose, and then we did forget.

I’ve learnt from releasing Poker Copilot 4 and 5 that there are always some nasty initial bugs that sneak through when we released a major new version. When many users all decide to upgrade to the new version at once, it can be a customer support nightmare trying to work out what those bugs are and who they’re affecting.

We quietly released Poker Copilot 6 in February, we made it the new default version new customers would download, and put up a page describing the great new features in Poker Copilot 6 for improving your poker game. Like our Bayesian probability in the HUD that tells you what a player is likely to do, rather than tell you what he did. And the best HUD popup panel you’ll find. And our hand filtering system that is a perfect combination of power and ease-of-use. Like 40 new statistics.

Even without telling our existing customers, some people found out about Poker Copilot 6 and upgraded. We did find some initial problems and one by one we found the cause of each problem and eliminated them.

Then we realised six months has passed, and we still hadn’t officially informed existing Poker Copilot 5 customers.

So, today Poker Copilot 5 customers, you can download Poker Copilot 6. It’s got way more stats, it uses less memory and disk space, it is faster, prettier, slicker and more stable, and easier to customise, and generally just a pleasure to use. Enjoy.

Oh, I almost forgot: Download Poker Copilot 6 from our home page.

Poker Copilot Compliment in Italian

A customer writes

Colgo l’occasione per ringraziarVi di questo software, molto pratico, potente, efficace e con un’interfaccia parecchio user-friendly.

Which means

I take the opportunity to thank you for this very practical, powerful, powerful software and with a very user-friendly interface.

Grazie mille!