Poker Copilot Updated for PartyPoker Changes

As of October 5th, 2016, PartyPoker is making cash game hand history files anonymized. We released a Poker Copilot update with the following changes:

  • Anonymized PartyPoker cash game hand history files are imported.
  • You can view your own PartyPoker stats in Poker Copilot’s charts and tables.
  • You can replay PartyPoker hands.
  • The HUD will show accurate info for the hero player (that’s you).
  • The HUD will not show accurate info for PartyPoker cash game villains (your opponents). That’s because Poker Copilot can no longer determine from hand history files the actual name of the player sitting in each seat.

These changes only apply to cash games. PartyPoker tournament hand history files still identify all players as before.