OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” released today; Poker Copilot is ready

Today, September 30th, Apple is making OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” publicly available.

Poker Copilot works fully with El Capitan. Upgrade freely. We’ve been testing on El Capitan since June. Last night I upgraded my MacBook Pro to El Capitan, and had no problems, save that I was unable to watch NetFlix while the upgrade was happening.

If you want to know what’s new in El Capitan, I recommend reading Ars Technica’s overly long and detailed review. The review concludes:

…don’t upgrade until you know your apps are compatible, and even when you do upgrade, make sure you have good Time Machine backups. Waiting for version 10.11.1 to shake out the most obvious bugs is also a good strategy, since that update rarely takes more than a month or so to come out.

If you do experience any problems on Poker Copilot that you think are due to upgrading to El Capitan, please do tell us at support@pokercopilot.com.

Coming in the next update: Record a video directly from “Recent Hands”

Until now, to record a Poker Copilot hand as a video you’ve needed to open the hand in the replayer and click “Record”.


The next update introduces a quicker way to record a hand as a video without having to first open the replayer. Right-click (or ctrl-click) on a hand in the “Recent Hands” table, and you’ll see a new item, “Record hand to video”.



The new menu item has the identical function. It will prompt you for a name and location for the video, and then will generate the video for you. Once the recording is complete, you’ll have the option to open the video directly in QuickTime (or whatever other video player you computer uses to open .mov files), or to show the video in Finder.


We’re making the change in preparation for a new option for recording videos. We’re aiming to make it possible to record an entire tournament as one video. Or any group of hands. We’re not there yet, but this change makes it easier for us to add a group of hands as a video.


You shouldn’t download a cracked Poker Copilot

I could give you the usual blah, blah reasons to not download a cracked version of Poker Copilot: we’re a small company who work hard on this software, and we need you to buy our software so that we can pay rent, eat food, and save for retirement.

But here is a really good reason that benefits you: some cracked versions of popular poker tools have malware installed. This malware captures screenshots of your hole cards and player nickname on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. The screenshots are sent to a server on the Internet, where we can assume someone is finding you at the tables, and taking you to the cleaners.

Currently this malware only seems to be on Windows. But this is a discovered malware. Whether there is such malware in cracked OS X products, we can’t tell. But it is definitely a risk.

When you download and install Poker Copilot directly from our website, you received a secure product that has been code-signed using Apple’s servers. This is a process that assures the software is definitely from us. We need to pay Apple yearly for this privilege.

So don’t put yourself at risk of being cheated at online poker by downloading a cracked version of our software. Download the real thing directly from us at http://pokercopilot.com/.


Poker Copilot 5.33 is now available

Poker Copilot 5.33 is now available to download. This update has many small fixes and improvements. The most important changes are:

  • Fix: A corrupted hand history file no longer stops further hand history importing.
  • Fix: 888poker.es on OS X currencies correctly handled.
  • Fix: 888poker rebuys and addons now correctly handled.
  • PokerStars.desh now supported on Windows.
  • Colour options changed in order to meet new PokerStars policy for third-party tools.