Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Users: Important News

Officially, Poker Copilot requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher. However Tiger users are still able to use Poker Copilot, albeit with some unusual rendering and with a couple of features missing.

Poker Copilot 2.73 doesn’t seem to be working with Tiger at all. I’m investigating the cause, but for now you can download Poker Copilot 2.72, which does work with Tiger. You can download Poker Copilot 2.72 here.

For now, I’ve made the Poker Copilot home page and downloads page offer 2.72, until I solve this problem.


Update: If you are feeling adventurous, please try this Poker Copilot update which might work with Tiger. If you try it, please post in the comments whether it worked for you.


Coming in the next update: Turn off the Head-up Display

There’s a new preference in the Head-up Display preferences panel that enables you to completely disable the Poker Copilot head-up display (HUD).

Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 1.50.02 PM.png

For most people the HUD is the killer feature in Poker Copilot. But there are some people who just use the analysis features and find the HUD distracting.


Coming in the next update: I Can Has Comic Sans?

The next update of Poker Copilot allows you to customise the HUD font. Here’s Comic Sans 20 point in the hand replayer:


and at a Full Tilt Poker table:

Screen shot 2010-12-26 at 6.31.31 PM.png


Use the Head-up Display Preferences to choose the font:

Screen shot 2010-12-26 at 6.36.39 PM.png

Screen shot 2010-12-26 at 6.39.46 PM.png


Player Icon Definitions

Wondering what Poker Copilot’s player icons mean? Here are some definitions.

RockIs very tight preflop. If this player puts money in the pot pre-flop, chances are he’s got a premium hand.
WhalePlays almost anything. In poker a whale is a big fish.

(Everyone knows a whale is actually a mammal, but you are playing poker, not studying biology.)

FishPlays too many marginal hands.

These players offer easy money. It is like “shooting fish is a barrel.”

Calling StationLimps/calls too much.

These players are hard to  bluff, as they like to see how the flop unfolds. Even when they don’t hit the flop, they’ll often keep putting money into the pot.

GamblerPlays many types of hands, and if he reaches the flop, plays aggressively post-flop.
ManiacIf he puts money into the flop, doesn’t like to be outbet pre-flop. You’ll need to be prepared to often commit a lot of chips against these players.
EaglePlays a very solid all-round game, especially pre-flop.
BookPlays very predictably. This player reads a poker book or two and follows them exactly.

Red Circle, Green Triangle, Blue Square, Yellow StarThese are extra symbols you can use with your own rules.
IndefinableA player who playing style doesn’t fall into any of the other categories.

Pot Limit Omaha in Poker Copilot?

Pot Limit Omaha holdem poker is now probably the most requested feature in Poker Copilot. I’ve long intended to add Omaha support but it would be a large task, so simpler things keep overtaking it in my to-do list.

Some issues I need to consider:

  • Should Omaha be included in Poker Copilot or made into a separate product?
  • If in a separate product, should it cost extra or be included in the Poker Copilot price? If extra, how much?
  • If included in the existing Poker Copilot, how separate should it be from existing Poker Copilot features, like bank roll, recent hands, etc.
  • What stats are important for Omaha that are irrelevant for Texas holdem – and vice versa?
  • Will this be useful to enough people to justify the large amount of time needed to write additional parsers, alter the hand replayer, revise the database structure, upgrade the all-in EV calculator, enhance the hand evaluator, do the additional documentation, and handle user support?
  • Is it worth the opportunity cost? The time I spend adding Omaha support is time I can’t spend adding other features.
  • Do I even want to do this, considering that I never play Omaha?

Currently I don’t know the answers to any of these questions.

Feedback welcome, naturally…


Coming in the next update: Session Winnings in the Menu Bar

Here’s a preview (look at the bit that says $1.17):

Screen shot 2010-12-18 at 3.52.28 PM.png

After each hand, the amount you’ve won or lost in the session is updated and shown in the menu bar (aka status bar). Blue for positive amounts, red for negative amounts.


Coming in the next update: Tournament All-in EV Chart using Big Blinds

A long-standing issue in Poker Copilot is that the All-in EV Chart is not very useful for tournaments. Using chips instead of big blinds as the y-axis distorts the chart. Unless you win a tournament, you’ll always incur during the tournament a positive EV diff of about 1500 tournament chips – assuming that each player starts with 1500 chips. If you come second in a 10,000 person tournament, you’ll normally win a lot of money. But your EV diff will still show +1500 tournament chips.

By using big blinds as the y-axis, the numbers are somewhat normalised. I still don’t think the numbers are perfect, but I can’t quite work out why.

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 6.33.44 PM.png


Online Poker Players and Freelancers

Rasmus writes about what online poker players can learn from freelancers – or the other way around:

For both the freelancer and the poker player goes the same things. They have to be mentally fit every day, and more importantly, every time he sits at the poker table or in front of the computer to get creative. The only way to do this is by getting exercise and taking plenty of time away from the computer to stress of and think of anything else than work/poker.


Poker Copilot 2.72 Now Available

Poker Copilot 2.72 is now available to download.

What’s changed:

  • Winamax Poker Tournament Summaries are now auto-imported. Note that Winamax summaries from tournaments played before Wednesday 14th December, 2010 can’t be imported into Poker Copilot. Poker Copilot will report them as erroneous files. I recommend deleting them.
  • The player icons are updated.
  • Full Tilt Poker Rush On Demand tournaments are now HUD-ded.
  • There’s a new player filter (under the “More” menu on the filter bar). This only is available for ring games.
  • Ongame speed tables are now supported

What’s fixed:

  • Really long tournaments with enormous chip individual tallies no longer “clock” Poker Copilot. For programmers: I used an INT in the database for several fields assuming that no-one would ever have more than 21,474,836 tournament chips. I assumed wrong. Now I use a BIGINT, allowing up to T92,233,720,368,547,758. That should hold things together for a while.
  • Full Tilt Poker tournament summaries are now once more correctly loaded

There is a known bug in calculating All-in EV for split pots in Winamax that I promised to fix for this update. However I didn’t get it fixed yet, but is high priority.

Update Instructions:

  1. Download the latest version here.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Drag the Poker Copilot icon to the Applications icon. If prompted to replace an existing version, confirm that you do want to replace.

Now you are done and ready to hit the tables.