PartyPoker and FastForward Poker

PartyPoker has introduced “FastForward Poker”. Unfortunately, here in Spain, PartyPoker’s Mac client is unavailable since the introduction of a Spanish law a couple of months ago that regulates online poker. So I can’t try out this “FastForward Poker”.

Can anyone tell me, is that simply an equivalent of PokerStars’ “Zoom Poker”?

Poker Copilot 3.18 Now Available

Poker Copilot 3.18 is now available to download.

What’s changed:

  • Fix for PartyPoker parsing errors when numbers are reported as “$1,73 USD” instead of “$1.73”, despite user’s locale settings
  • Added support for some new zoom poker tables
  • Fix for PokerStars Audit parser – can now cope with formatted numbers >= 1000
  • Some performance tweaks and other minor bug fixes

Known problem:

  • PartyPoker tournament hands not yet supported. There are several problems in PartyPoker’s hand history file on Mac OS X.

(And if you don’t own it yet, click here to buy Poker Copilot, securely and instantly.)

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Poker Real Time Odds on Mac OS X: Part 6

The continuing story of creating a tool called SeeingStars, offering real time odds for PokerStars. Read from the beginning here.

If you need to evaluate poker hands on a computer quickly and reliably, you need poker-eval. It is highly-optimised C library to evaluate poker hands. I suspect it is used by most poker software and poker rooms.

I added poker-eval to SeeingStars to evaluate hands that go to the flop, turn, and river. I use the Monte Carlo method for the flop and turn, but once the hand goes to the river, it is quick to evaluate every possible combination.

Once I added poker-eval to SeeingStars, I had real-time odds fully functioning. Here’s a video I made of a heads-up SNG I played today. with real-time odds:

As you can see, I have a proof-of-concept working. That is just the beginning of the required work. There are remaining steps to make this useful more generally, including quality control, packaging, getting a logo, producing a website, working with smaller window sizes, supporting different PokerStars room themes, tables other than heads-up tables. Then I have to decide if I should charge money for this, as a stand-alone product, or whether it belongs in PokerZebra. Can I sell it in the Mac App Store, or do sandbox restrictions get in the way? How much will this add to my workload?

Would you pay money for a fully working SeeingStars? Say 10 dollars/10 euros? Without financial incentive I’m unlikely to spend too much time finishing this proof-of-concept.


Learn Poker in Barcelona

My friend Valentina Pokerina is a rare combination: she plays poker well and teaches well – in five or six languages. She lives here in Barcelona and runs regular poker workshops. Mostly in Spanish, but also in English. Heck, ask her, and she’ll teach you poker in Catalan, German, or Portuguese. And French too, I think.

And if you are a poker bigwig, I bet she is willing to travel to run poker workshops.

I do, however, mostly beat her in our home games!