Nice Poker Copilot Review

Poker Copilot is…

…an interesting alternative to the dominant Poker Tracker 4 and Hold’em Manager 2. Originally developed only for Mac, Poker Copilot is naturally less known than the popular PC-centric PT4 and HM2. Today all 3 programs support both platforms, but the “quick and light” approach typical for Apple’s products is still recognizable in Poker Copilot.

In terms of features, Poker Copilot is quite versatile and can give the other two giants a run for their money. It has all the core features of a modern poker tracker – from the rich statistics and data visualization, to the customization options for the HUD.

The reviewer concludes that “the main feature of Poker Copilot is simplicity” and that “Poker Copilot is overall a better deal”.

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