A HUD and hand tracker for PokerStars NJ

Poker Copilot offers a HUD and hand tracker for PokerStars New Jersey. It is fast, reliable, powerful, easy to use, and translated into French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

PokerStars is (partly) back in the USA, after a five year break. As of March 21, 2016, PokerStars is available to residents of New Jersey.

Poker Copilot is ready. Today’s Poker Copilot update adds support for PokerStars NJ. This works on both Mac and Windows


Download from our home page.

The Poker Copilot team is in Barcelona, Spain and not in New Jersey, USA. This restricts our ability to test today’s update properly. So if you are in New Jersey, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know at support@pokercopilot.com if you encounter any problems.

Blind Stealing Guide – A New Perspective

Stealing the blinds is an extremely profitable technique for online poker. If you haven’t mastered blind stealing, you are leaving plenty of easy money on the table.

I explain blind stealing in our blind stealing guide, and offer you some strategies I’ve developed by investigating an database of 2 million poker hands from a range of player types.

I’ve done some calculations over a very large database of hands, and discovered that:

In tournaments, 53% of the time, the big blind folds to a steal attempt.
In ring games, 62% of the time, the big blind folds to a steal attempt.
Think that through: more than half the time, a blind steal attempt will give you the blinds without any further play. This suggests that you should make blind steal attempts with a large range of hands.

But it gets even better, as I explain in the section below on playing the flop. Keep reading.

Read the whole blind stealing guide here.

Problems with Latest America’s Cardroom Update and Poker Copilot

America’s Cardroom (ACR) on Mac released an update yesterday, March 9th, 2016. Unfortunately the ACR update introduced some problems with their hand history files. Where the hand date, hand id, and table info should be, there are just some placeholders:

Game started at: [0]
Game ID: [1] [2] [3] ([4])

instead of

Game started at: 2015/7/1 9:21:48
Game ID: 438718977 10/20 $10 Jackpot Poker, Table 1 (Hold'em)

This makes it impossible for Poker Copilot to track the tables. We’ve reported this to ACR. In our experience the ACR team are very responsive, so we expect a fix will be available soon.


Twitch Streamer? Get Poker Copilot free!

Do you have a twitch.tv profile with at least 100 followers? Do you livestream your poker sessions? Let us know via email and we’ll send you a free Poker Copilot license. This offer is for Mac and Windows streamers.

Email us your full name with a link to Twitch profile page. and we’ll send you a license, FREE of charge. In return, all we ask is that you do use Poker Copilot on your streams.

Coming in the next update: Rescue your manual tournament changes from a database reset

Some poker rooms, such as America’s Cardroom, don’t make tournament results available to Poker Copilot. Many of our customers manually enter tournament results, by right-clicking on a recent tournament and selecting “Get Info”.

However if you need to reset your Poker Copilot database, these manual changes are lost. This has been a pain point for a while. As of the next Poker Copilot update, this pain will be gone.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.07.38 PM

From Poker Copilot’s menu, select Tools -> Restore Manual Tournament Changes. You’ll be prompted to continue. Select OK and in a split second all your manual changes will be reapplied.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.07.43 PM