A HUD and hand tracker for PokerStars NJ

Poker Copilot offers a HUD and hand tracker for PokerStars New Jersey. It is fast, reliable, powerful, easy to use, and translated into French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

PokerStars is (partly) back in the USA, after a five year break. As of March 21, 2016, PokerStars is available to residents of New Jersey.

Poker Copilot is ready. Today’s Poker Copilot update adds support for PokerStars NJ. This works on both Mac and Windows


Download from our home page.

The Poker Copilot team is in Barcelona, Spain and not in New Jersey, USA. This restricts our ability to test today’s update properly. So if you are in New Jersey, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know at support@pokercopilot.com if you encounter any problems.