Live HUD Config menu

Poker Copilot 4 will have a drop-down menu available directly within the HUD to set the most common HUD preferences.

Screen Shot 2012 12 20 at 12 07 38 PM

This makes it much  to a) see the results of changing the preferences and b) changing the HUD midway through a playing session.

Preview it now here.

Poker Copilot "Dallas" Early Access Program

The next major release of Poker Copilot will be Poker Copilot 4. It is currently under development, and is going by the codename “PCP Dallas”. It is due for release mid-2013.

Buy Poker Copilot now and you’ll get a free upgrade to Poker Copilot 4, even if the price goes up. Anyone who purchased Poker Copilot 3 from September 3rd, 2012 onwards will also receive a free upgrade. If you bought Poker Copilot 1, 2, or 3 before September 3rd, 2012, there will be a small upgrade fee.

You can follow the development of Poker Copilot Dallas via our Early Access Program.

At this stage all you’ll notice is PCP Dallas is exactly like Poker Copilot 3, except a little worse. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on some major internal work to conform with upcoming OS X changes. Apple has recommend that programs like Poker Copilot now include their own copy of Java, which while solving some support and maintenance issues, as well as ensuring that Poker Copilot will continue working, have blown out the size of the download from 20 MB to 80MB. I do hope to reduce that significantly before final release.


Poker Copilot 3.22 Now Available

Poker Copilot 3.22 is now available to download.

What’s changed:

  • Removed Lock Poker support for their non-existent Merge Network client
  • Added PivMerge support (Merge Network client)
  • Added Scandic Bookmakers Poker support (Ongame Network client)
  • Added BetsafeDK support (Ongame Network client)
  • Removed Cereus Network support (UB and Absolute Poker) as it is unlikely they’ll be back in business
  • Added detection of some new PokerStars Zoom Poker tables

Known problem:

  • PartyPoker tournament hands not yet supported. There are several problems in PartyPoker’s hand history file on Mac OS X.

(And if you don’t own it yet, click here to buy Poker Copilot, securely and instantly.)

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Blogging from Malaysia

I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a week. I’m staying here to break up the trip a little on the way from Spain, where I live, to Australia, where my family live.

Today I went to one of those multi-story electronics-only shopping malls you find in many South-East Asian cities. I bought myself a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. It made it much easier to use my iPad to answer my daily swag of Poker Copilot support emails, while sitting in a noisy faux-Irish pub near my hotel.

I’m writing this blog post from my iPad, using the same bluetooth keyboard, in the same faux-Irish pub as a test run. WIth the right app (BlogPresss) it is working well.

The keyboard is a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

Wanna bet? Some high-rollin’ stories from Byliner

I suspect many Poker Copilot users will like these stories in the most recent Byliner newsletter:

For Business 2.0 in 2003, Paul Keegan investigates “The Card Sharks from Silicon Valley,” a new breed of “poker nerds” who were taking the game by storm. “The pros call these guys ‘fish,’ and the schools of them swarming around the Bicycle Casino are the reason poker pros love the sudden glamorization of their game. Fish get excited by watching tournaments on TV, teach themselves poker using simulation software, then start betting online with real money.”

There are several more such stories linked in the newsletter.