Latest PokerStars update causing Poker Copilot problems

Yesterday (9th May, 2018) PokerStars released an update. This update is causing problems for our customers who use PokerStars in a language other than English.

A bug in the latest PokerStars update is causing the problem. Basically, even if you set PokerStars to save your hand history files in English, PokerStars is saving them in the language you chose for playing. Having these files in English is essential for Poker Copilot to work correctly.

A temporary solution is to set PokerStars in English, then apply the change, save and restart.

We’d appreciate your help by contacting PokerStars support and reporting the bug.

PokerStars runs an efficient and capable software development team. It has been our experience in the past that PokerStars issues like this are fixed quickly.


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Zoom Poker HUD

Poker Copilot’s HUD now works fully on PokerStars Zoom poker tables.

When you start a hand on a Zoom table, Poker Copilot immediately detects the players and updates the HUD panels to show the correct stats for the correct players.

Watch it in action in this short video:

Better still, the technology that allows our poker HUD to work with Zoom works on all PokerStars tables. That means the HUD panels get updated with information about players as soon as they sit in a hand. No longer do you need to wait for a player to complete their first hand before seeing their stats.

You should try the latest version of Poker Copilot on Zoom tables. It is a brilliant experience.

Does this work on Mac? on Windows?

Yes, and yes.

How do I get the Zoom Poker HUD to work?

It is a simple process that Poker Copilot guides you through. You can watch this helpful instructional video to see how easy it is:

What about the “Dynamic HUD”?

Until now, Poker Copilot had an experimental “Dynamic HUD” that could be used for Zoom tables. It detected the players seated at the table using screenscraping. We found that screenscraping couldn’t give us the reliability we wanted, so we never moved this out of experimental status. We’ve now removed the Dynamic HUD.

Do I need to upgrade?

You need to be using Poker Copilot 6.15 or later to use our poker HUD on Zoom tables.

If you have already bought Poker Copilot 6 (which has been our main version since January 2017), then you do not need to purchase an upgrade. Just run Poker Copilot, follow the instructions when prompted to update to the latest version, and you’ll have the Zoom HUD installed.

If you are using Poker Copilot 5 (which we stopped selling in December 2016), then you’ll need to purchase an upgrade to Poker Copilot 6.

Tried Poker Copilot in the past? Want a new trial period to check out our Zoom HUD?

Write to us at letting us know, and get a new seven-day trial.