Latest PokerStars update causing Poker Copilot problems

Yesterday (9th May, 2018) PokerStars released an update. This update is causing problems for our customers who use PokerStars in a language other than English.

A bug in the latest PokerStars update is causing the problem. Basically, even if you set PokerStars to save your hand history files in English, PokerStars is saving them in the language you chose for playing. Having these files in English is essential for Poker Copilot to work correctly.

A temporary solution is to set PokerStars in English, then apply the change, save and restart.

We’d appreciate your help by contacting PokerStars support and reporting the bug.

PokerStars runs an efficient and capable software development team. It has been our experience in the past that PokerStars issues like this are fixed quickly.