Sentence of the Day

An injection of reality for budding software entrepreneurs:

“Silicon Valley is WAAAY too infatuated with the ELEGANT IDEALISM of Entrepreneurship (or the GOLLUM GREED of making a shitload of CASH) , rather than the GRITTY REALITY of running a CRAPPY little startup business that will…”

Poker Copilot is not my first, nor my second business venture. It’s my third. One day I may blog about the reasonably successful first venture and the stillborn second one.

Mockups of HUD Layout Customizer

My next major task for Poker Copilot is the “HUD Layout Customizer”. This will allow you to tweak the layout of the HUD, to add layouts for different table themes, and – best of all, I think – to share layouts with others.

Here’s a mockup of where I’m heading with this (click for a full-size image):

The dialogs for copy, remove, and edit:
The import and export dialogs; I need to mull over these some more:

I made the mockups with the awesome Mockups application.

Poker Copilot for Mac OS X…and Windows?

Spyros (amongst others) asked via email:

I cannot find available a windows version of Poker Copilot. Could you please let me know if there is one. If there is not, why?

I created Poker Copilot for Mac OS X because no such Mac product was available. But I get this question often enough for me to contemplate whether a Windows version would be feasible, practical, and worthwhile.

Let’s see…

  • the Windows market has two very entrenched major players, but…Poker Copilot is easier to install and use than either of them.
  • a Windows version would stretch my development time, but…most of my code is in Java, which is easy to transfer from Mac OS X to Windows.

I need to think about this some more. In any case, a Windows version would be many months away. Too many version 1.x features still to do in the Mac version!

New Advanced Stats: Early Access Version

I’ve added:

  • Fold to three-bet %: how often a player folds to a a three-bet
  • Fold to continuation bet %: how often a player folds to a continuation bet
  • Fold big blind to steal attempt %: how often a player folds the big blind to a blind steal attempt – IF the small blind folded.

Here’s how I have customised the HUD to show these:

I just know there is going to be some controversy over the definition of these! If you would like to give them a test, download this version of Poker Copilot. The new stats can be added to the on-table HUD using the Preferences. You can also see them from the Players summary by double-clicking an any player.

If you find mistakes I’d be grateful if you could send me the hand history for the hand with the error.

Ronald writes:

“My poker tracking software, Poker Copilot just added a c-bet frequency stat to their HUD. Most people reading this won’t know what that means, but, basically, it means profit for me.”

I didn’t realise c-bet frequency (continuation bet frequency) was so important, although I’m quickly learning why it is. Ronald (et al), you’ll be happy to know that a bunch of new advanced stats will appear in the next Poker Copilot update.

Poker Copilot is "Sitelinked"

Google has given Poker Copilot “Sitelinks” (those links directly to various parts of a website you sometimes see in a Google search):

According to Google’s info, sitelinks are “additional links Google sometimes generates from site contents in order to help users navigate your site. Google generates these sitelinks periodically from your site’s contents.”

I’m extremely happy with this.

Sentence of the Day

Sometimes I read a sentence that perfectly captures my view. I found one here:

“It’s important that I generate some money from my work, but it’s not necessary that I extract every possible dollar.”

Which Countries Buy Poker Copilot?

Another chart today, this one showing sales by country. God bless America, the home of 56% of my sales.

Like other data I collect, I don’t know what to make of this. Is it of any use at all except satisfying curiosity? Does it imply that I should consider localising for France and Germany?