New Advanced Stats: Early Access Version

I’ve added:

  • Fold to three-bet %: how often a player folds to a a three-bet
  • Fold to continuation bet %: how often a player folds to a continuation bet
  • Fold big blind to steal attempt %: how often a player folds the big blind to a blind steal attempt – IF the small blind folded.

Here’s how I have customised the HUD to show these:

I just know there is going to be some controversy over the definition of these! If you would like to give them a test, download this version of Poker Copilot. The new stats can be added to the on-table HUD using the Preferences. You can also see them from the Players summary by double-clicking an any player.

If you find mistakes I’d be grateful if you could send me the hand history for the hand with the error.