Poker Copilot Updated

Last year we started a policy of updating Poker Copilot every two weeks, as much as possible. Why? Because almost every day another obscure bug is reported to us, support for a new poker room is requested, or a poker room adds something new. We don’t want to make all our users have to update for each tiny bug we fix. But we do want to make sure Poker Copilot is working smoothly for most people most of the time. We’ve copied some major software companies and settled on a two-week cycle as a good balance between update frequency and bug count.

Today we have a Poker Copilot update which illustrates exactly the type of problems we encounter frequently:

  • On bwin/PartyPoker, if you computer was running in Swiss German, and you were playing a tournament, and if the big blind was 1,000 chips or higher, then bwin/PartyPoker would write the blinds (and just the blinds!) in Swiss currency format. That is, 1’000 instead of 1,000 (UK/USA), 1 000 (France), or 1.000 (Spain), which are bugs we had found in the past.
  • PokerStars’ latest update on Mac in Euro-currency hands is using the wrong symbol for the euro sign. Specifically, they are using the de-facto ASCII symbol (character 128, although it depends really), although the hand history files are not ASCII, but are UTF-8. This caused Poker Copilot to think that zoom money cash hands played in euros are play money hands.
  • Titan Poker seems to have reintroduced their old software for some customers. We don’t know why, but we’ve had to make Poker Copilot support both the old software and the new software.
  • Poker Copilot failed to read 888poker.nj tournament summary files. This one was clearly a bug in Poker Copilot.

When you next start Poker Copilot you’ll be prompted to update.



A feature request: compare and contrast

Loyal Poker Copilot user Gene made an interesting request:

Is it possible to compare my statistics for hands in which I’ve called preflop against hands in which I’ve raised preflop?

Currently it is quite cumbersome to do this in Poker Copilot. It requires you to make screenshots or jot down some notes.

I’d like to take the idea further: Poker Copilot should let you compare any two arbitrary filter settings. Compare April this year to April last year; compare 6-max to 9-max. Compare pocket pairs played in position with 3-bets versus pocket pairs played out of position with preflop raise.

It seems to me that the current “Basic Statistics” or “Advanced Statistics” screen is the logical place to do this. These screens already do compare two sets of numbers: “Today” versus whatever date range you’ve set. So, fundamentally, Poker Copilot already has the capability to compare and contrast any two sets of hands. However the user interface restricts this to just one dimension:


Currently Poker Copilot has a single filter bar, visible in most screens. The “Statistics” screens could have an optional second filter, allowing this comparison to be any arbitrary settings. The idea needs some fleshing out, but I think this is quite doable in a future Poker Copilot version.

The challenge, as with all Poker Copilot screen designs, is to make it simple, flexible, and powerful.