A feature request: compare and contrast

Loyal Poker Copilot user Gene made an interesting request:

Is it possible to compare my statistics for hands in which I’ve called preflop against hands in which I’ve raised preflop?

Currently it is quite cumbersome to do this in Poker Copilot. It requires you to make screenshots or jot down some notes.

I’d like to take the idea further: Poker Copilot should let you compare any two arbitrary filter settings. Compare April this year to April last year; compare 6-max to 9-max. Compare pocket pairs played in position with 3-bets versus pocket pairs played out of position with preflop raise.

It seems to me that the current “Basic Statistics” or “Advanced Statistics” screen is the logical place to do this. These screens already do compare two sets of numbers: “Today” versus whatever date range you’ve set. So, fundamentally, Poker Copilot already has the capability to compare and contrast any two sets of hands. However the user interface restricts this to just one dimension:


Currently Poker Copilot has a single filter bar, visible in most screens. The “Statistics” screens could have an optional second filter, allowing this comparison to be any arbitrary settings. The idea needs some fleshing out, but I think this is quite doable in a future Poker Copilot version.

The challenge, as with all Poker Copilot screen designs, is to make it simple, flexible, and powerful.