Poker Copilot works on macOS Catalina

Update: Poker Copilot now works on macOS Catalina!

Poker Copilot works with macOS Catalina, the forthcoming next version of Apple’s Mac operating system.

Running Poker Copilot on Catalina

Catalina is fussier than earlier versions of macOS. It wants you to explicitly grant permission to apps to do some things they could do by default in earlier versions of macOS.

The first time you run Poker Copilot with Catalina you’ll be prompted to give Poker Copilot permission to:

  • access your Downloads folder. This is necessary for Poker Copilot’s auto-detection of hand history folders. It scans the Downloads folder, because some poker rooms store your hand histories there by default.
  • record your screen. This sounds more ominous than it is. Giving Poker Copilot permission to record your screen is necessary for our HUD to be able to track poker room windows. Without this permission, Poker Copilot can’t tell if your poker room has any windows open.

If you don’t grant these permissions, Poker Copilot can’t function properly.

You can change these settings in macOS’s System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy.

Still having problems?

If you encounter any problems using Poker Copilot with Catalina, please let us know at