Problem with ACR Tournaments on Mac

Our Mac users are reporting that as of a few days ago, Americas Cardroom (ACR) hand history files on Mac are missing some important info that we use to correctly import ACR tournament hands into Poker Copilot.

This is an example of what we are seeing:
Game ID: 1263667720 10/20 (Hold’em)

On Windows (and until recently on Mac) they include the table number like this:
Game ID: 897794415 10/20 $2.20 Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)

This missing information is what we use to identify an ACR hand history as a tournament hand history.

We’ve been unable to find a workaround. Until ACR fixes this, Poker Copilot will misidentify ACR tournament hands as ring game hands.

There seems to be a related problem in the title bar of ACR tournament tables. In a $10 Freeroll I played today, this is what was showing in the window title:

Notice the dashes and zeros where normally ACR would show info about the tournament. More importantly, missing from the title is the tournament table number. Again, Poker Copilot uses the presence of a table number to detect that this is a tournament and not a ring game.

We’ve reported this to ACR and hope they’ll fix it soon. 

If you are affected by this, we recommend you also report it to ACR’s support.