Pot Limit Omaha in Poker Copilot?

Pot Limit Omaha holdem poker is now probably the most requested feature in Poker Copilot. I’ve long intended to add Omaha support but it would be a large task, so simpler things keep overtaking it in my to-do list.

Some issues I need to consider:

  • Should Omaha be included in Poker Copilot or made into a separate product?
  • If in a separate product, should it cost extra or be included in the Poker Copilot price? If extra, how much?
  • If included in the existing Poker Copilot, how separate should it be from existing Poker Copilot features, like bank roll, recent hands, etc.
  • What stats are important for Omaha that are irrelevant for Texas holdem – and vice versa?
  • Will this be useful to enough people to justify the large amount of time needed to write additional parsers, alter the hand replayer, revise the database structure, upgrade the all-in EV calculator, enhance the hand evaluator, do the additional documentation, and handle user support?
  • Is it worth the opportunity cost? The time I spend adding Omaha support is time I can’t spend adding other features.
  • Do I even want to do this, considering that I never play Omaha?

Currently I don’t know the answers to any of these questions.

Feedback welcome, naturally…