You shouldn’t download a cracked Poker Copilot

I could give you the usual blah, blah reasons to not download a cracked version of Poker Copilot: we’re a small company who work hard on this software, and we need you to buy our software so that we can pay rent, eat food, and save for retirement.

But here is a really good reason that benefits you: some cracked versions of popular poker tools have malware installed. This malware captures screenshots of your hole cards and player nickname on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. The screenshots are sent to a server on the Internet, where we can assume someone is finding you at the tables, and taking you to the cleaners.

Currently this malware only seems to be on Windows. But this is a discovered malware. Whether there is such malware in cracked OS X products, we can’t tell. But it is definitely a risk.

When you download and install Poker Copilot directly from our website, you received a secure product that has been code-signed using Apple’s servers. This is a process that assures the software is definitely from us. We need to pay Apple yearly for this privilege.

So don’t put yourself at risk of being cheated at online poker by downloading a cracked version of our software. Download the real thing directly from us at