Crushing the Microstakes and Poker Copilot’s HUD

Crushing the Microstakes is the name of an e-book I just finished reading. Highly recommended. It’s written by Nathan Williams, a person who has done exactly what the title of the book says. It’s also formatted to be read on a computer screen – large fonts, in a PDF in landscape orientation.

Here is Nathan’s recommend HUD setup for playing microstakes cash games:

  • Voluntarily put money in the pot
  • Preflop raised
  • Aggression Factor (although I think Aggression Frequency is a better option)
  • Number of hands played
  • Continuation bet (flop)
  • Fold to continuation bet (flop)
  • Continuation bet (turn)
  • Fold to continuation bet (turn)
  • 3-bet preflop
  • Fold to 3-bet preflop
Here’s how that looks in Poker Copilot:

Screen Shot 2012 05 09 at 5 20 08 PM