Adding a new Ongame Network poker room to Poker Copilot

If you play on an Ongame Network room that isn’t currently supported in Poker Copilot, you can send me an email to requesting it to be added. I’ll need three pieces of information that you can send in the email.

  • The name of the application, exactly as it is shown your Applications folder. Upper/lower case is important.
  • While the poker room is running, open “Activity Monitor” (you’ll find it in Applications -> Utilities, or just type it into Spotlight). Make sure the poker room is visible in the list of “Process Names” in ¬†Activity Monitor, take a screenshot of this, and send it to me.
  • Right-click or ctrl-click on the poker room app in your Applications folder, select “Show Package Contents”, navigate down to Contents -> Bundles, find the file called “” there, and send that file to me.

(You can take a screenshot by pressing Cmd+Shift+3. The screenshot will be saved to your desktop.)