No more Poker Copilot HUD on Carbon Poker?

Carbon Poker just released an update. This update no longer saves hand history files. It seems Carbon has intentionally disabled hand histories. From Carbon support:

We made some updates to the Hand History function and is no longer stored in your computer. You can review the hands played in the current session from the Hand History section in the poker software.

Without hand history files, Poker Copilot can’t work with Carbon Poker. This means no HUD.

If Carbon change their mind and they release an update that reactivates the saving of hand history files, we’ll be able to support it again.

Looking for an alternative poker room that allows US players? We recommend America’s Cardroom. It runs on both Mac and Windows, and Poker Copilot fully supports it.

(This also affects other Merge Network rooms, including Sportsbook Poker, Odds Poker, and Players Only.)