A HUD for Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker

Until now there has been no Head-up Display, or HUD, available on Mac OS X for Full Tilt Poker‘s Rush Poker. The forthcoming Poker Copilot 4 will introduce a HUD for Rush Poker.

You can try this out already in PCP Dallas EAP. It is still a work in progress. Make sure:

  • you have selected the “Dynamic HUD” in Poker Copilot’s HUD preferences
  • you are using the “classic” table theme
  • you have turned off “avatars”
  • your poker table window is as big as possible

Feedback is welcome.


Hand replayer, Retina displays, and stumbling upon a longtime bug

Poker Copilot’s hand replayer has a sleek new design in the forthcoming Poker Copilot 4. It takes full advantage of Retina displays to look crisp and detailed. 

Screen Shot 2013 06 11 at 3 25 13 PM

I made the mistake, however, of not regularly checking on a non-Retina display, so until today’s update of PCP Dallas EAP, the hand replayer looked a bit blurry on non-Retina displays. This problem is now mostly solved.

Today I’ve been running the hand replayer on two computers at once: a MacBook Pro with a Retina display, and a non-Retina iMac. When running the same hand, I was puzzled to see that the “Probability of winning” differed slightly for the same hand on the two different computers. This bug must have existed for years, and was never discovered and reported. The solution was simple: to ensure that the “Monte Carlo” simulation that calculates the probability of winning always uses the same starting parameters. The deck of cards used for the simulation was being prepared in a partly (although not really) random order.

I get an immense sense of satisfaction discovering and solving such problems.


NY TImes Magazine’s Innovation Article

Great article. I recommend thoroughly. This paragraph reminds me why a product like Poker Copilot is feasible:

The salient observation is how quickly and cheaply a hunch turned into a profitable enterprise. A generation ago, it would have taken an enormous corporate infrastructure to research, develop, manufacture and distribute nearly anything. Given such costs and headaches, companies were reluctant to finance all but the most certain-to-succeed innovations. Today the Internet allows someone at their kitchen table to communicate easily with a factory in Guangzhou; containerized shipping makes it trivially cheap to import manufactured goods; and the ever-growing media landscape offers vast opportunities for easy marketing.

The Power of Being in the Top Spot for Google Rankings

I sporadically use Google’s Webmaster Tools with Poker Copilot’s website, and some of my other web properties such as Mac Poker Software. Google’s Webmaster tools shows how high my sites rank in Google searches for various keywords, and the “click-through rate” for those keywords. The power of ranking high in Google for a search term is self-evident, but I still get a surprise when I see just how powerful it is.

Here’s an example: For search queries where the Mac Poker Software site averages first position in the Google search results, the click-through rate is typically 60%. For position #2 in the Google search results, it is roughly 40%. For position #3, it is 20%. For lower positions the click-through rate is negligible. In other words, if we don’t rank in the top 3 positions, we might as well not even appear at all.

Screen Shot 2013 06 04 at 5 46 18 PM

Your own site may have different results, but the pattern is most likely similar.