The Power of Being in the Top Spot for Google Rankings

I sporadically use Google’s Webmaster Tools with Poker Copilot’s website, and some of my other web properties such as Mac Poker Software. Google’s Webmaster tools shows how high my sites rank in Google searches for various keywords, and the “click-through rate” for those keywords. The power of ranking high in Google for a search term is self-evident, but I still get a surprise when I see just how powerful it is.

Here’s an example: For search queries where the Mac Poker Software site averages first position in the Google search results, the click-through rate is typically 60%. For position #2 in the Google search results, it is roughly 40%. For position #3, it is 20%. For lower positions the click-through rate is negligible. In other words, if we don’t rank in the top 3 positions, we might as well not even appear at all.

Screen Shot 2013 06 04 at 5 46 18 PM

Your own site may have different results, but the pattern is most likely similar.