Fixed: "Window too small to track" problem

tl;dr: This update (Poker Copilot 4.01) fixes the problem.

I couldn’t reproduce this problem on my office iMac. I couldn’t reproduce it on two MacBook Pros. Mysterious.┬áLast night I did reproduce it on a virtual machine. The difference was that I didn’t install Dropbox on the virtual machine.

So the Dynamic HUD only worked if you had Dropbox installed. A complete oversight – I had failed to remove some development code that was recording some information to Dropbox. I removed the snipped of development code, and things started working.

Do note that the Dynamic HUD is still experimental. You may need to try making your window bigger or smaller to get the optimal result. The Dynamic HUD uses screen-scraping, so if a player’s name is obscured or not visible, then the screen-scraper won’t know who is sitting at the seat, and consequently the HUD panel for that player will disappear.