Poker Copilot 4: Initial Problems

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, tried, and purchased Poker Copilot. There are some initial problems that have arisen in the last couple of days now that many people are using Poker Copilot 4. Three problems dominate:

  1. When some people move the HUD panels around they keep jumping back to previous location. I believe I’ve now fixed this. You can try it out in this update.
  2. Poker Copilot 4 is crashing at startup for some people when it tries to convert their Poker Copilot 3 database to Poker Copilot 4. I hope to have a fix for this later today. (Update: Please try this update, which should fix the problem.)
  3. When using the Dynamic HUD, some people are seeing the “Window too small to track” message, no matter what size the window is. I hope to at least partially solve  this over the weekend. If a poker table window is at least 800 x 575 pixels in size it is large enough to track. This means the “Window too small to track” is being shown instead of the correct message. So the first step is to make Poker Copilot show the correct error message.

I appreciate your patience while I work feverishly on these problems.