Poker Copilot 4 and Winamax

If you’ve used Poker Copilot 3 with Winamax successfully, and you’ve now upgraded to Poker Copilot 4, your “preferred seat” settings will have been reset. This was unavoidable, due to a subtle technical reason. (Read: I made a mistake in Poker Copilot 3). As a consequence the HUD panels will show on the wrong players.

Here’s how you can fix this:

First, in Winamax, select from the menu “Tools” -> “Options”:

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 6 55 43 PM

Then select “Game” -> “Options”, and make sure Preferred Seat is set to “Top”, “Right”, “Lower”, or “Left”:

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 6 55 57 PM

Now in Poker Copilot, open the Preferences, select the “Poker Rooms” panel, and set the Winamax Poker preferred seat to match:

Screen Shot 2013 06 23 at 6 52 13 PM

Now, you should find the HUD panels in the correct place for all Winamax tables.