Poker Copilot Aggression FAQ

This is a draft that I will add to the yet-to-be-released Poker Copilot FAQ. Comments appreciated.

What does aggression mean?
Aggression is a measure of how passively or aggressively a person plays post-flop. The higher the number, the more aggressively the person plays.

How is aggression calculated?
Aggression = (bets+raises)/calls,

  • “bets” is the number of hands in which the player bets post-flop
  • “raises” is the number of hands in which the player raises post-flop
  • “calls” is the number of hands in which the player calls post-flop

How do I interpret aggression?
It depends. A very tight pre-flop player usually has good hole cards so the aggression measure will be skewed upwards. A very loose pre-flop player’s aggression will be skewed downwards.

A reasonably acceptable reading is as follows:
> 2.5 = aggressive

Why is aggression sometimes infinity?
This happens if a player in the post-flop streets always raises and never calls. You’ll sometimes encounter this when you have only a few hands for a particular player.

Stake Level Table: Sneak Preview

The next release of Poker Copilot will have a useful summary of your stats at various stake levels. Here’s an early look:

Hopefully this will let you know at what level you are a winning player.

Issue Tracking for One-Person Software Companies

Until today I’ve been using a spreadsheet to keep track of Poker Copilot bugs, features, and tasks. It’s a cumbersome approach, so I started looking for a free-but-good web-based solution. It turns out that FogBugz has a free version for 1 or 2 users, hosted by them.

FogBugz is easily the second-best issue tracker I’ve ever user. It is clean, simple, and elegant. It’s way, way, way better than any open source issue tracker I’ve seen, and even better than most “enterprise solutions” than have been forced upon me in my consulting gigs.

So now I have my free “startup” account, and I’ve manually transferred all outstanding Poker Copilot issues. (Hey, FogBugz team, if you read this, how about adding a flexible CSV import?) During the process I was surprised that FogBugz is smart as well as good-looking. It seemed to be learning which values I tended to select for each field and auto-select those values for me. Or was I just imagining this?

FAQ: "Why am I not seeing any hands in Poker Copilot"

This is a commonly asked question. Here’s the answer.

Have you enabled hand histories in PokerStars? From the Options menu, choose “Instant Hand History Options…” and make sure “Save my hand histories” is checked.

Full Tilt Poker

Have you enabled hand histories in Full Tilt Poker? From the Option menu, choose “Hand History…” and make sure the check box “Save My Hand Histories” is checked.

I’ll be making a FAQ soon for this and some other information.

Upcoming Poker Copilot Features

I’m planning an update of Poker Copilot for mid-October. The list of planned features is in flux, but this will give you a rough idea:

  • “Position Summary”. This shows your vital stats for each position around the table. Do you win substantially more often on the button than in position 1?
  • “Stake Levels Summary”. For each stakes level you can see your stats. Do you make a profit at $0.25/$0.50 but merely break even at $0.50/$1, and lose money at $1/$2? This is important info.
  • Many more statistics on a new “Dashboard” screen. Aggression, 3-Bet, Cumulative winnings, Blind Stealing are some of the stats I’m looking into. The challenge is to keep it clear, precise, and understandable to all players, not just the experts.

Naturally, your current license will still be valid for the next version. So if you are considering buying Poker Copilot, there’s no need to postpone your purchase.

Spotted the Tournament Bar Graph?

With last week’s quick release of a Poker Copilot update, I allowed a new feature to sneak in. Well, it’s not so much a new feature as a small addition to something already there. Take a look:

Did you spot it? It is subtle. The “Results” column is filled with a pale green bar according to how far you got in the tournament. It makes it easy to see how well you’ve done in tournaments.

Something I didn’t expect when adding the coloured bar is that you can easily turn this table into a useful bar graph. You can do this by ordering the table by “Results”.

I’m pleased to see that I’ve finished in the top 50% all but 3 times over the last month!

This feature only works for Full Tilt Poker. As far as I can tell, PokerStars doesn’t supply enough information to calculate tournament results.

New Update Ready for Download

You can download it here.

This is an important update for PokerStars players. It fixes a problem introduced by the new software that PokerStars released on September 1st.

The problem, if you want to know, was as simple as this: PokerStars used to write dates in the hand history like this:

2008/08/27 – 15:34:08 (ET)

Now they write dates like this:

2008/09/03 1:59:42 ET

Important News for Poker Copilot Users

It seems that as of September 1st, PokerStars has made some changes to the hand history files. Poker Copilot is having trouble with the changes.

A new update to Poker Copilot to solve this problem will be released in the new day or so. Fixing this problem is now my top priority.

Update: I’ve found and fixed the problem. I’m now packaging up the new update.

Update 2: Please read this.