Issue Tracking for One-Person Software Companies

Until today I’ve been using a spreadsheet to keep track of Poker Copilot bugs, features, and tasks. It’s a cumbersome approach, so I started looking for a free-but-good web-based solution. It turns out that FogBugz has a free version for 1 or 2 users, hosted by them.

FogBugz is easily the second-best issue tracker I’ve ever user. It is clean, simple, and elegant. It’s way, way, way better than any open source issue tracker I’ve seen, and even better than most “enterprise solutions” than have been forced upon me in my consulting gigs.

So now I have my free “startup” account, and I’ve manually transferred all outstanding Poker Copilot issues. (Hey, FogBugz team, if you read this, how about adding a flexible CSV import?) During the process I was surprised that FogBugz is smart as well as good-looking. It seemed to be learning which values I tended to select for each field and auto-select those values for me. Or was I just imagining this?