Upcoming Poker Copilot Features

I’m planning an update of Poker Copilot for mid-October. The list of planned features is in flux, but this will give you a rough idea:

  • “Position Summary”. This shows your vital stats for each position around the table. Do you win substantially more often on the button than in position 1?
  • “Stake Levels Summary”. For each stakes level you can see your stats. Do you make a profit at $0.25/$0.50 but merely break even at $0.50/$1, and lose money at $1/$2? This is important info.
  • Many more statistics on a new “Dashboard” screen. Aggression, 3-Bet, Cumulative winnings, Blind Stealing are some of the stats I’m looking into. The challenge is to keep it clear, precise, and understandable to all players, not just the experts.

Naturally, your current license will still be valid for the next version. So if you are considering buying Poker Copilot, there’s no need to postpone your purchase.