Spotted the Tournament Bar Graph?

With last week’s quick release of a Poker Copilot update, I allowed a new feature to sneak in. Well, it’s not so much a new feature as a small addition to something already there. Take a look:

Did you spot it? It is subtle. The “Results” column is filled with a pale green bar according to how far you got in the tournament. It makes it easy to see how well you’ve done in tournaments.

Something I didn’t expect when adding the coloured bar is that you can easily turn this table into a useful bar graph. You can do this by ordering the table by “Results”.

I’m pleased to see that I’ve finished in the top 50% all but 3 times over the last month!

This feature only works for Full Tilt Poker. As far as I can tell, PokerStars doesn’t supply enough information to calculate tournament results.