Poker Copilot – Christmas 20% Discount in Purchase and Upgrade!

Merry X-mas, Poker Pilots!

During December 24th until December 31st, we’ll be running a 20% Discount promotion.

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Full Price code: XMAS2022FULL
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

The Poker Copilot Team

Poker Copilot and MacOS Ventura

Dear Poker Pilots:

We’ve been encountering an increased number of compatibility issues with MacOS Ventura and Poker Copilot.

Whilst we are actively working to find a fix for this, please re-consider updating your OS, if Poker Copilot precedes in your priorities.

If updating to Poker Copilot 7, kindly use a trial to ensure a smooth operation.

The Poker Copilot Team.

Version 7.32 Released on 16 Sep 2022

This update contains the following:

  • Winamax: Omaha 5 added.
  • PokerStars France: HUD fixed on time limited tables.
  • PartyPoker: Reconnecting caused hand parsing to fail.
  • See from Help-menu/What’s New? for a complete release notes history.
  • Users of older versions are recommended to update to the latest.
  • Good luck with your games! May the Poker Gods be generous!

Dear Poker Pilots,


Your Poker Copilot’s health is vital for taking advantage of its full potential and features.


To assure that your Copilot fella works at its peak performance, make sure to check below guide, to understand all its needs for a proper functioning.


This is a fast paced tutorial, that encompass most common issues and requirements, so feel free to pause, rewind and repeat where needed. Also, make sure to watch in full screen.







The Poker Copilot Team

Poker Copilot 6 Decommission Notice


Dear Poker Pilot,

As you may know already, we will be discontinuing support for Poker Copilot version 6 on 31st May 2022 and focusing all work on Poker Copilot version 7 moving forward.

Please note that your Poker Copilot 6 will continue to work after the end of this support date but, if your poker site makes changes that renders it incompatible with this version in the future, we will no longer be able to release fixes to support this version.

This is due to the perpetual costs we incur in keeping our software up to date, due to the constant need to cope with ever-changing gaming operator features.

With all the above, we offer you a further 30% discount to upgrade your Poker Copilot 6 to the new Poker Copilot 7.

Whats new in Poker Copilot-7

This offer is valid for 21 days from today.

Along with this offer, we are giving away a $16 full month’s worth of SharkScope Membership for you.

You can use the link below to purchase your Poker Copilot upgrade at the reduced price.

See you at the tables!


The Poker Copilot Team

Chart Matrixes Available Now!

Hi Copilots!

Our greatest achievement, has now been deployed! You can now visualise your strategy and tendencies in a proper 13×13 matrix format.

You can choose all the filters you wish and need, then have these shown in a heatmap, and have a much simplified means to see your card choosing tendencies and see exactly what you do with these cards!

— Your Stats, VS your Opponents’, Preflop, flop,  Street, River, Pairs, Trips, Dealer, UTG, You Raised Heads up, Cash, 6-max  or Tournaments! you choose your dimensions! 


Anything that you need to filter out or analyse of your own game or others, can be now visualised in a proper matrix. Awesome, isn’t it? Try it now!

Poker Copilot Version 7 Has Launched

Hi Co-Pilots,

Poker Copilot Version 7 Has Launched

We heard our audience, and we’ve put the best from our customers’ feedback into our next major upgrade of your favourite Hand Tracker!

– New Gametypes
– New Statistics
– Improved Replayer Aesthetics
– New Hand Type Filters
– New In-HUD Leak real-time Calculator for you and your opponents
– New SharkScope Sync, now with option for “on-demand only” SharkScope searches
– New Multi-Database handling
– Improved SharkScope data integration
– Real-Time Log console
– Continued support for ever changing Gaming Operator layouts

Compare all benefits between Poker Copilot Version 7 with Poker Copilot 6.

Improve your Game once and for all. Get your own Poker Copilot now!

If you wish to take Poker Copilot Version 7 for a spin get your 30 day trial here.

Party’s Lucky 7 and PokerStars Michigan

Hi Co-Pilots,

In February 2020 PokerStars launched in Michigan.

That’s good news for poker players living in Michigan. The even better news is that Poker Copilot is 100% ready for PokerStars Michigan.

PartyPoker Added 7 seat tables and as luck would have it we added it to the HUD as well. PCP keeping up with the licky numbers!

If you want a poker HUD to help you play your best possible game on the tables, then download Poker Copilot’s 30 day free trial now.

Good luck at the tables!