PokerStars “All-in Cash Out” now supported by Poker Copilot

Poker Copilot’s HUD and hand tracker now works fully with all-in cash out hands.

PokerStars recently introduced “all-in cash out” on some tables. Here’s how it works:

When an all-in situation occurs in a cash game and players’ hands are revealed (before the river and with no more action pending), we calculate each hand’s probability to win the pot and assign a cash out value to each hand, based on those probabilities.

Players in the all-in pot will be presented with the option to cash out their hand and receive the cash out amount, risk-free. If they decline, they will continue to contest the entire pot (and any side pots in which they are involved) as usual.

Once a player chooses to cash out they will no longer be eligible to contest any portion of the pot, and will receive the offered amount added to their stack immediately.

Players declining the cash out option will still need the best hand at showdown to win the pot, even if all their opponents have cashed out.

So that’s how all-in cash out works. But should you use it?

In my opinion, no. That’s because by definition it is a “minus EV” feature.

PokerStars writes:

The cash out value offered is calculated per the formula below:

Hand value = (pot size – rake) x probability of winning

They call it hand value, but it is also the exact formula for Equity Value.

PokerStars doesn’t give you the full hand value:

We apply a 1% cash out fee on value of your hand (not the entire pot), deducted prior to offering the cash out amount.

So all-in cash out gives you precisely 1% below your equity value (EV).

Good poker players know they need to take every chance to maximise EV. A feature offered by PokerStars that eats away at EV is, in my opinion, something you should avoid.


Poker HUD for PokerStars Pennsylvania

In November 2019 PokerStars is launching in Pennsylvania.

That’s good news for poker players living in Pennsylvania. Even better news is that Poker Copilot is 100% ready for PokerStars Pennsylvania.

If you want a poker HUD to help you play your best possible game on the tables, then download Poker Copilot’s 30 day free trial now.

If you have any problems getting Poker Copilot woking on PokerStars PA let us know.


Poker Copilot works on macOS Catalina

Update: Poker Copilot now works on macOS Catalina!

Poker Copilot works with macOS Catalina, the forthcoming next version of Apple’s Mac operating system.

Running Poker Copilot on Catalina

Catalina is fussier than earlier versions of macOS. It wants you to explicitly grant permission to apps to do some things they could do by default in earlier versions of macOS.

The first time you run Poker Copilot with Catalina you’ll be prompted to give Poker Copilot permission to:

  • access your Downloads folder. This is necessary for Poker Copilot’s auto-detection of hand history folders. It scans the Downloads folder, because some poker rooms store your hand histories there by default.
  • record your screen. This sounds more ominous than it is. Giving Poker Copilot permission to record your screen is necessary for our HUD to be able to track poker room windows. Without this permission, Poker Copilot can’t tell if your poker room has any windows open.

If you don’t grant these permissions, Poker Copilot can’t function properly.

You can change these settings in macOS’s System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy.

Still having problems?

If you encounter any problems using Poker Copilot with Catalina, please let us know at

How to use Poker Copilot with ACR (America’s Cardroom)

After their recent major update, ACR changed the default hand history folder location on your computer so Poker Copilot has trouble finding it.

Please double-check the following:

  • In ACR go to “Game Info” -> “View Hand History” -> “Options”
  • Make sure the box for “Save hand history” is checked
  • Make sure that the same folder path is also showing in Poker Copilot’s “Hand History Folders” section, or add it using the “+” button. See here for more details instructions on how to add a hand history folder.
  • Finally, restart both apps and play a few hands to confirm the HUD updates correctly. Don’t hesitate to contact us again if the problem persists.

It would be helpful if you could let us know the new ACR hand history folder path so that we can work on a way to automatically detect and add that folder to Poker Copilot. You can contact us at

Today’s Party Poker Changes

PartyPoker has made changes that will stop Poker Copilot from working for many of our customers.

PartyPoker have not provided us with any information on their changes, but as far as we can tell:

  • Hand histories are no longer provided by PartyPoker. This means neither our hand tracking nor our HUD will work with
  • For people who use a regional version of PartyPoker, such as, our HUD and hand tracking are still fully working.

We recommend PartyPoker users switch to 888poker. 888poker is fully supported by Poker Copilot.


Poker Copilot’s HUD now works with Americas Cardroom new software

There is a new Poker Copilot update available today that works with Americas Cardroom (ACR)’s new software.

To get the new version, start Poker Copilot and when prompted to update, do so.

You can also download the latest Poker Copilot update directly from our home page.

Keep reading for the details…

A week ago, Americas Cardroom (ACR) released a major new version of their software.

The new software, so called ACR version 2, is really good. It is a big improvement, especially on Mac, where ACR version 1 never stopped being a beta version.

But there were problems for ACR. The initial release didn’t go smoothly for ACR.

Now, a week later, things seem to be more stable, and so we’ve been able to add support for the new ACR software.

We wanted to get our HUD working for ACR players as soon as possible. So it is possible that there are some issues with our HUD on ACR that we haven’t yet discovered and fixed.

If you find any problems with Poker Copilot on ACR, please let us know.

Other Winning Poker Network (WPN) skins

If you are playing on BlackChip Poker or other WPN skins, and our HUD is not detecting your room correctly, let us know. We want to support all WPN skins.

Support for ACR’s major new update coming soon

Today America’s Cardroom (ACR) released a major new update.

The new ACR update has made some changes that are stopping Poker Copilot from reading hands and showing the HUD.

We are currently working on an update for Poker Copilot to support these ACR changes. We’ll release the update as soon as we can.

The new ACR, by the way, seems really good. The Mac version is many times better than the older version, and now seems to be on par with the Windows version of ACR.

Problem with today’s Winamax update

Some of our customers are experiencing a problem after today’s Winamax update. Hands are not getting read, and the HUD doesn’t show.

We investigated and found that some essential information is missing from the Winamax hand history files. The missing info is the hero’s hole cards. This prevents us from being able to read the hands, and hence the Poker Copilot HUD won’t show.

We’ve reported this to Winamax, and hope they’ll have a fix available soon.

Poker Copilot and Swedish poker rooms

As of yesterday (1st January, 2019), Swedish legislation came into effect that requires poker rooms to use Sweden-specific software for poker players. PokerStars and 888poker have both released software for Sweden.

Today we made a Poker Copilot update available that works with both PokerStarsSE and

To get this update, start Poker Copilot. You’ll be prompted to update. Follow the on-screen instructions, and then you’ll soon be playing on your favourite Sweden poker room with Poker Copilot’s HUD helping you make better decisions.

There are several other small improvements in this update that makes it worthwhile for all Poker Copilot users to update, no matter what country you are located in.

Problem with ACR Tournaments on Mac

Our Mac users are reporting that as of a few days ago, Americas Cardroom (ACR) hand history files on Mac are missing some important info that we use to correctly import ACR tournament hands into Poker Copilot.

This is an example of what we are seeing:
Game ID: 1263667720 10/20 (Hold’em)

On Windows (and until recently on Mac) they include the table number like this:
Game ID: 897794415 10/20 $2.20 Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)

This missing information is what we use to identify an ACR hand history as a tournament hand history.

We’ve been unable to find a workaround. Until ACR fixes this, Poker Copilot will misidentify ACR tournament hands as ring game hands.

There seems to be a related problem in the title bar of ACR tournament tables. In a $10 Freeroll I played today, this is what was showing in the window title:

Notice the dashes and zeros where normally ACR would show info about the tournament. More importantly, missing from the title is the tournament table number. Again, Poker Copilot uses the presence of a table number to detect that this is a tournament and not a ring game.

We’ve reported this to ACR and hope they’ll fix it soon. 

If you are affected by this, we recommend you also report it to ACR’s support.