GG Poker disables result tracking!

Dear Poker Pilots,

Unfortunately, without warning, GG Poker has decided to prevent SharkScope from tracking their tournament results for the apparent reasons of optimizing player experience and increasing security.

This has disabled features enjoyed by tens of thousands of GG players each month and has made player security significantly worse.

Over our 20-year lifespan, SharkScope has been used countless times to detect cheating and collusive behaviors on numerous networks and acts as a significant deterrent for unfair behavior. All the other 80+ poker sites have determined at length that our services are significantly positive to the poker ecosystem, enhancing player experience and allowing players to make more informed decisions through transparent assessment of their results.

We believe there may still be a chance to change their minds so if you value our service on GG we strongly suggest you contact their support to explain how valuable you find our services and how important they are to you when selecting what poker site you play on.

The Poker Copilot Team