Important: [WPN – ACR] Users, Attention Below:


Dear Poker Pilots,

America’s Cardroom’s client has been updated.

Should you be experiencing issues with WPN’s client “ACR Poker” please observe:

1. MS_Windows:
Winning Poker Network’s jurisdiction, America’s Cardroom (ACR)has updated their client for the betterment of their user experience.

To cope with their changes, please re-start your App twice and contact us via email if you experience further difficulties.

Additionally, please make sure that the following folders are added into your App’s hand history preferences:

C:\ACR Poker

So your App can locate any recent hand and feed your HUD with it.

2. Mac Users:
We’re yet to cope with this modification. Kindly send us your report via menu item Help > Report an Issue…

Fill out requested information there, and send.


Poker Copilot Support