Improvement to Appearance of HUD Popup

When you click on a player’s HUD panel in Poker Copilot, you see a popup panel that shows all the stats for that player. I’ve tweaked this to be more compact, and to use the statistic colour-coding. The left-hand side is how it is currently; the right-hand side is how it will appear in the next Poker Copilot update:

Screen Shot 2012 01 23 at 2 01 30 PM

Besides the colour-coding, the text is in a slightly smaller font and the line spacing is smaller.

If you want to try this out already, you can download an unofficial update that includes the new-look popup:


Improvement for Poker Copilot Translators

If you are one of the volunteer Poker Copilot translators, then you’ll appreciate this new feature:

Screen Shot 2012 01 22 at 6 46 06 PM

Now you can see your translations immediately in Poker Copilot without needing to wait for the next release. The workflow goes like this:

1) Make some modifications to the Google Docs translation spreadsheet for your language:

Screen Shot 2012 01 22 at 6 48 48 PM

2) Wait a few minutes for Google Docs  to make the updates visible here.

3) In Poker Copilot, from the Tools menu, select “Download Language Pack Updates”. They’ll be fetched live from Google Docs:

Screen Shot 2012 01 22 at 6 50 55 PM

4) Restart Poker Copilot

Now you’ll see the updates directly in Poker Copilot:

Screen Shot 2012 01 22 at 7 00 08 PM


You can get hold of an unofficial early release of Poker Copilot already with this feature here:




Coming in the Next Update: HUD Layout has an extra row of stats

An extra row of stats. You can now show up to 16 stats at once:

Screen Shot 2012 01 21 at 5 38 49 PM


Pre-emptive comment: “That’s nice, Steve, but what we really need are more stats, not just more room to show the stats that are already there”. I hear ya. I’ll be looking at some stats soon.

Unofficial Poker Copilot Update for Ongame Network

Ongame Network updated their Mac OS X software two days ago. This new software doesn’t work with the current Poker Copilot release. So I’ve made some adjustments to fix these problems.

But this is more than just a fix. Finally, Poker Copilot’s HUD works with Ongame Network, although for now, only with BetFair:

Screen Shot 2012 01 20 at 3 15 00 PM

Download this unofficial update here. Feedback welcome.

Please let me know what other Ongame Network Mac software you use so I can add Poker Copilot HUD support.


Reason I Like My Mac #17,823

I read up on the new features in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) some months ago but I still encounter pleasant surprises:

Screen Shot 2012 01 18 at 2 11 29 PM

Yes, Lion, “Duplicate and Revert” is actually exactly what I want. Nice.


Updated Poker Copilot Demo Video

In preparation for Poker Copilot 3, I’ve updated the demo video. This needed to be done – many of the HUD improvements weren’t there.

I’ve noticed that for many people, Poker Copilot’s HUD is _the_ reason to use Poker Copilot. So the demo focuses on the HUD.


Poker Copilot 3 Coming…

Here in the lab, Poker Copilot is now branded as “Poker Copilot 3”:


This is simply a change of version number. The current update of Poker Copilot 2 is 2.101 and it is a vastly improved product from Poker Copilot 2.00. So it seems right to reflect this in an update of the major version number.

Before I make this the official update, there are some things to do: I want to get the translations up to date; I plan to update the user guide; I need to update the demo video.

If I was a good businessperson, I’d be releasing a new major update every year and charging current users an upgrade fee. This is common practice in the software business. However I’m not a good businessperson, so there will be no upgrade fee for any existing customers of Poker Copilot, no matter when they bought it. Partly this is because I can’t think of an appropriate date in the past to nominate as the cut-off purchase date to receive a free update. Partly it is because I’m too lazy to handle the extra work created by the upgrade-versus-new-customer process. Note that I do reserve the right to change the free upgrade policy in the future, even though I most likely won’t.

News for Poker Copilot Translators

I’ve made the spreadsheets for translating the Poker Copilot strings a little better. You can now see the English text that you are translating all the time. I’ve added a column in which you can write “Yes” once you are done downloading. This makes it possible to filter out the strings already translated:

Screen Shot 2012 01 14 at 5 44 00 PM


You can also now see the total number of keys, and the number already translated. I figure seeing an updated counter makes it easy to see if much has happened since you last checked the spreadsheet.


Updated Poker Copilot Translations

Thanks to the volunteer translators who have already started on the updates I made two days ago to the list of strings to be translated. I’ve put up a unreleased build that you can use to see how the strings you’ve translated look in place. Download it here.