Poker Copilot 3 Coming…

Here in the lab, Poker Copilot is now branded as “Poker Copilot 3”:


This is simply a change of version number. The current update of Poker Copilot 2 is 2.101 and it is a vastly improved product from Poker Copilot 2.00. So it seems right to reflect this in an update of the major version number.

Before I make this the official update, there are some things to do: I want to get the translations up to date; I plan to update the user guide; I need to update the demo video.

If I was a good businessperson, I’d be releasing a new major update every year and charging current users an upgrade fee. This is common practice in the software business. However I’m not a good businessperson, so there will be no upgrade fee for any existing customers of Poker Copilot, no matter when they bought it. Partly this is because I can’t think of an appropriate date in the past to nominate as the cut-off purchase date to receive a free update. Partly it is because I’m too lazy to handle the extra work created by the upgrade-versus-new-customer process. Note that I do reserve the right to change the free upgrade policy in the future, even though I most likely won’t.