Simplify. Repeat. New Poker Copilot Update

“Check out my amazing new HUD customizer”, I said excitedly to Raul, my Mac guru. He looked, then he went silent. Uh-oh, I thought. Always a bad sign.

After a lengthy pause Raul declared it unnecessary. “Why a separate screen? Why not let people move the HUD panels directly while playing?”

“That’s because, um, well, let me see. There’s a really good reason and that’s…ah…” Damn. He was right again. The HUD customizer is a completely pointless screen.

So, as of today, you can customize the HUD while playing. Where you move the HUD windows to is where they will stay.

To get this new Poker Copilot goodness, download the latest update (1.62) now.

Other changes:

  • faster loading of large amounts of hands
  • less memory usage
  • PowerPC users should experience less grief
  • the broken “classic HUD” works once more

Poker Copilot, Bugs, and Unit Tests

Occasionally you’ll find that Poker Copilot doesn’t handle a particular type of tournament. Or reports that you didn’t try to steal the blinds when you are sure you did. Or chokes on an unusual hand.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Sometimes people find, ahem, bugs in Poker Copilot. There, I said it. I admit it. My code is not perfect. My testing is not perfect.

What I love is when the person who finds the, ah, bug sends me the hand history that caused the issue. Because I’ve got a good process for using that hand history to eradicate the bug forever.

First I create a unit test – a type of automatic test – that sends the hand history into Poker Copilot, and makes sure the resulting calculations are correct. Except that they aren’t. So the test fails.

Then I fix the problem.

Now I run the unit test again. Problem solved? Good.

The final step is to run all the unit tests, to make sure I didn’t break something else. For example, when I get things working for a 6-max turbo table, I might have broken things for a normal 6-max table.

I’ve now got about 100 of these tests.

Germany or Australia?

Germans often ask me why I live in Germany, instead of staying in Australia. Australian life is good, but it is not all beaches and barbecues. Almost every summer we have photos like this appear in the newspaper:

Here’s a map showing all fires currently burning in the Australian state of Victora.

A Satisfied German Customer

For the German speakers: I received this nice e-mail:

Wollte noch mal sagen, dass ich mit dem Programm sehr zufrieden bin und es sein Geld wert ist. Für den Mac gibt es nichts gleichwertiges….supersache, weiter so!

Danke Benjamin!

I’m telling ya, getting e-mails like this is sometimes even more satisfying than the money Poker Copilot earns me.

Updated Poker Copilot Early Access Version

The previous early access version (1.57) of Poker Copilot choked for some users with 90,000+ poker hands. This update (version 1.59) handles a large quantity of hands much better. I’ve also fixed a couple of small calculation bugs.

Before I make a full release, I’d appreciate it if you download this update and give it a try, and let me know if you have any problems. Many thanks.