Simplify. Repeat. New Poker Copilot Update

“Check out my amazing new HUD customizer”, I said excitedly to Raul, my Mac guru. He looked, then he went silent. Uh-oh, I thought. Always a bad sign.

After a lengthy pause Raul declared it unnecessary. “Why a separate screen? Why not let people move the HUD panels directly while playing?”

“That’s because, um, well, let me see. There’s a really good reason and that’s…ah…” Damn. He was right again. The HUD customizer is a completely pointless screen.

So, as of today, you can customize the HUD while playing. Where you move the HUD windows to is where they will stay.

To get this new Poker Copilot goodness, download the latest update (1.62) now.

Other changes:

  • faster loading of large amounts of hands
  • less memory usage
  • PowerPC users should experience less grief
  • the broken “classic HUD” works once more