More HUD news

Thanks for the feedback on the new, new head-up display. I’m slowly working my way through the info I received.

In other breaking news…I added two small features to the HUD:

  • the HUD windows now resize proportionally to the table window. Make the poker room table smaller and the HUD text shrinks. Make the window bigger and you get nice, large, smooth text. Thanks to Juan from Chile Colombia for the suggestion. Chevere!
  • the players stats shown in the HUD are not meaningful until you’ve played against someone at least 25 times or so. Now HUD stats for a player indicate through colour how often you’ve played against a person. A dark, barely-visible gray means you’ve only played against this person once. As you play more, the colour gradually brightens towards white. When you hit that magic 25-hand mark, the colour chages to bright yellow.

This features will be available in the next release.

HUD Feedback Please!

Some people have reported that the new HUD doesn’t work. If this is your experience could you please send an email to, with more information about what doesn’t work?

For example, does the “Show HUD” button show something? Do you see the “No HUD Data yet” info? Does the HUD Info window show up, with information about the table you are playing?

Many thanks,


New HUD for PokerStars and Tiger

Here’s the latest preview version of Poker Copilot: The One with the New HUD.

This version adds:
* support for PokerStars (but only with the “PokerStars Classic” table theme)
* support for Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)
* more HUD stability, faster HUD updating, and better HUD info
* slightly improved positioning of HUD player stats

Update: PokerStars “Hyper-simple theme” is also supported, as well as a couple of others. But if you are having problems with layout, I recommend switching to Classic.

Does Yahoo Still Matter?

I use Google Analytics to log visits to Poker Copilot. Amongst the many statistics it offers is “Visits via Search Engines”:

Poker Copilot ranks pretty much the same in both Google’s and Yahoo’s search results. But Google supplies me with 47 times more visitors than Yahoo.

I thought Yahoo would still have, I don’t know, let’s say 10% of the search market. But the actual number, according to my stats, is miniscule. The other way to look at it is that Google now completely, utterly dominates search, at least based on my small sample space.

Support via Remote Desktop

Occasionally a Poker Copilot customer has a problem, which, despite my best efforts, just can’t be solved via e-mail. It’s frustrating for me when this happens, but even more frustrating for the customer.

Luckily there’s plenty of remote desktop options for this desperate situation. Remote desktop software allows me to see and control a customer’s computer via the Internet – with their permission of course.

I’ve assessed several remote desktop products and settled on Copilot. It’s remarkably simple to set-up and use, both for me and the person I’m trying to help. It seems solid. The pay-as-you-go pricing is also perfect for my situation.

And the similarity in name with Poker Copilot? That’s a serendipitous bonus.

New HUD Feature

If you are one of the enthusiastic people who have bravely tried out the new Poker Copilot HUD, read on.

Did you notice the feature that I snuck into the HUD Preferences? You can now turn labels off and on.

Early Access to new HUD: Take 2

If you are still feeling adventurous, you can download a new cut of the Poker Copilot early access version. Here’s what’s new:

  • The new HUD is more stable now. You shouldn’t experience strange and stubborn HUD windows.
  • Full support for all Full Tilt table styles (Classic and Racetrack).
  • Ability to switch between “New HUD” and “Classic HUD”. If you’re really clever, you can even have both running at one!

Your feedback is more than appreciated.

HUD Limitations

If you’ve tried the experimental new Poker Copilot HUD that I made available yesterday, you would have noticed that the HUD only shows on one window at a time. You have to click on a Full Tilt table window to move the HUD to that window.

Naturally it would be better if the HUD showed on all visible windows. And this is my aim. But to make a complex task achievable I’ve broken it into bite-sized pieces. For now, the morsel I’m working on is what I call “single-window mode”.