More HUD news

Thanks for the feedback on the new, new head-up display. I’m slowly working my way through the info I received.

In other breaking news…I added two small features to the HUD:

  • the HUD windows now resize proportionally to the table window. Make the poker room table smaller and the HUD text shrinks. Make the window bigger and you get nice, large, smooth text. Thanks to Juan from Chile Colombia for the suggestion. Chevere!
  • the players stats shown in the HUD are not meaningful until you’ve played against someone at least 25 times or so. Now HUD stats for a player indicate through colour how often you’ve played against a person. A dark, barely-visible gray means you’ve only played against this person once. As you play more, the colour gradually brightens towards white. When you hit that magic 25-hand mark, the colour chages to bright yellow.

This features will be available in the next release.