Poker Copilot and macOS Mojave

Apple’s latest macOS update is called Mojave. It is version 10.14.

We’ve been testing Poker Copilot in macOS Mojave’s developer preview. We’ve found no problems.

So if you want to update to Mojave, but were worried that it might interfere with your poker playings, be assured that Poker Copilot works 100% with macOS Mojave.


Suggestions for improving Poker Copilot

We get a lot of feature requests to improve Poker Copilot. The more we add, the more feature requests we get.

To help manage this, we are tracking feature requests here. We’re using a tool called Feature Upvote. It is a UserVoice alternative that makes it easy for you to add and vote up ideas.

I’ll repeat that we do get a lot of feature requests, and we only have the resources to implement a few of them. So the voting system allows us to work out which features are best for us to consider for a future major new version of Poker Copilot.


Winamax comes to Spain – and Poker Copilot supports it

Winamax is my favourite online poker room. Their software is, in my opinion, has the industry’s best user experience. Until now it has been mostly limited in availability to people living in France.

Earlier this year, the Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian governments agreed, at least in principle, that online poker rooms can share their player pools between the four countries.

A nice benefit of this agreement is that Winamax is expanding to include players outside of France.

The first step of this enlargement of the Winamax player pool is here: Players in Spain can now play on Winamax.

The Poker Copilot team is based in Spain, so we are as happy about this news as anyone else.

Even better news, for Poker Copilot customers, is that our support for Winamax is exceptional. Some years ago, we co-operated with the Winamax development team to make sure their hand history files contained all the info we need for our HUD and hand tracking to work perfectly with Winamax.

The goods news continues: Winamax has a “frequent player points” program, where you gain points as you play, and you can spend those points in Winamax’s store. Available in the store is Poker Copilot. So if you play frequently on Winamax, you’ll be able to obtain Poker Copilot for free! This offer is for both Mac and Windows users. You’ll receive the full latest version of Poker Copilot, without any limitations or restrictions.


Latest PokerStars update causing Poker Copilot problems

Yesterday (9th May, 2018) PokerStars released an update. This update is causing problems for our customers who use PokerStars in a language other than English.

A bug in the latest PokerStars update is causing the problem. Basically, even if you set PokerStars to save your hand history files in English, PokerStars is saving them in the language you chose for playing. Having these files in English is essential for Poker Copilot to work correctly.

A temporary solution is to set PokerStars in English, then apply the change, save and restart.

We’d appreciate your help by contacting PokerStars support and reporting the bug.

PokerStars runs an efficient and capable software development team. It has been our experience in the past that PokerStars issues like this are fixed quickly.


Zoom Poker HUD

Poker Copilot’s HUD now works fully on PokerStars Zoom poker tables.

When you start a hand on a Zoom table, Poker Copilot immediately detects the players and updates the HUD panels to show the correct stats for the correct players.

Watch it in action in this short video:

Better still, the technology that allows our poker HUD to work with Zoom works on all PokerStars tables. That means the HUD panels get updated with information about players as soon as they sit in a hand. No longer do you need to wait for a player to complete their first hand before seeing their stats.

You should try the latest version of Poker Copilot on Zoom tables. It is a brilliant experience.

Does this work on Mac? on Windows?

Yes, and yes.

How do I get the Zoom Poker HUD to work?

It is a simple process that Poker Copilot guides you through. You can watch this helpful instructional video to see how easy it is:

What about the “Dynamic HUD”?

Until now, Poker Copilot had an experimental “Dynamic HUD” that could be used for Zoom tables. It detected the players seated at the table using screenscraping. We found that screenscraping couldn’t give us the reliability we wanted, so we never moved this out of experimental status. We’ve now removed the Dynamic HUD.

Do I need to upgrade?

You need to be using Poker Copilot 6.15 or later to use our poker HUD on Zoom tables.

If you have already bought Poker Copilot 6 (which has been our main version since January 2017), then you do not need to purchase an upgrade. Just run Poker Copilot, follow the instructions when prompted to update to the latest version, and you’ll have the Zoom HUD installed.

If you are using Poker Copilot 5 (which we stopped selling in December 2016), then you’ll need to purchase an upgrade to Poker Copilot 6.

Tried Poker Copilot in the past? Want a new trial period to check out our Zoom HUD?

Write to us at letting us know, and get a new seven-day trial.


Poker Copilot 6 Updated

We’ve released Poker Copilot 6.09 today.

This update contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fix for change to PartyPoker hand history format for hands with large blinds
  • [Windows] Fixed support for (ipoker skin)
  • [Mac] Added support for PokerStars Russia Sochi
  • [Windows] Added support for PartyPoker.nj
  • [Windows] Improved support for users who have diacritical marks in their Windows username
  • Stopped trying to extract PartyPoker tournament results from hand history files. The info is not available in a consistent reliable form.

You’ll be prompted to update when you next start Poker Copilot. You can also download the latest version directly our website.

Poker Copilot and macOS High Sierra

Today, the latest version of macOS, called High Sierra, becomes publicly available.

Poker Copilot 6 works fully with High Sierra. You can safely upgrade your Mac and keep using Poker Copilot.

Note: if you are an early adopter, and you’ve been using a pre-release beta version of High Sierra, you’ll need to update to the general release. Otherwise you might find that Poker Copilot’s menus are missing. This is a problem that was affecting many apps with High Sierra beta versions. Apple have fixed this in the general release. In other words, if Poker Copilot’s menus are missing, check for any High Sierra updates and install them.


Poker Copilot 6 finally announced, six months after it was released!

We made Poker Copilot 6 available in February 2017; it’s now August 2017. We forgot to tell Poker Copilot 5 customers about Poker Copilot 6 until today. Nah, we didn’t completely forget. At first we didn’t tell people on purpose, and then we did forget.

I’ve learnt from releasing Poker Copilot 4 and 5 that there are always some nasty initial bugs that sneak through when we released a major new version. When many users all decide to upgrade to the new version at once, it can be a customer support nightmare trying to work out what those bugs are and who they’re affecting.

We quietly released Poker Copilot 6 in February, we made it the new default version new customers would download, and put up a page describing the great new features in Poker Copilot 6 for improving your poker game. Like our Bayesian probability in the HUD that tells you what a player is likely to do, rather than tell you what he did. And the best HUD popup panel you’ll find. And our hand filtering system that is a perfect combination of power and ease-of-use. Like 40 new statistics.

Even without telling our existing customers, some people found out about Poker Copilot 6 and upgraded. We did find some initial problems and one by one we found the cause of each problem and eliminated them.

Then we realised six months has passed, and we still hadn’t officially informed existing Poker Copilot 5 customers.

So, today Poker Copilot 5 customers, you can download Poker Copilot 6. It’s got way more stats, it uses less memory and disk space, it is faster, prettier, slicker and more stable, and easier to customise, and generally just a pleasure to use. Enjoy.

Oh, I almost forgot: Download Poker Copilot 6 from our home page.

Poker Copilot Compliment in Italian

A customer writes

Colgo l’occasione per ringraziarVi di questo software, molto pratico, potente, efficace e con un’interfaccia parecchio user-friendly.

Which means

I take the opportunity to thank you for this very practical, powerful, powerful software and with a very user-friendly interface.

Grazie mille!

Poker Copilot handles 3 millions hands of poker

I’ve gathered tons of hands from various customers that I use to test for certain problems. I seldom load all those hands at once, but today I did. The results: a whisker away from 3 millions hands and the our poker HUD kept working smoothly without any lag.

Got more than 3 million hands in your Poker Copilot database? Let us know!