Poker Copilot 6 Decommission Notice


Dear Poker Pilot,

As you may know already, we will be discontinuing support for Poker Copilot version 6 on 31st May 2022 and focusing all work on Poker Copilot version 7 moving forward.

Please note that your Poker Copilot 6 will continue to work after the end of this support date but, if your poker site makes changes that renders it incompatible with this version in the future, we will no longer be able to release fixes to support this version.

This is due to the perpetual costs we incur in keeping our software up to date, due to the constant need to cope with ever-changing gaming operator features.

With all the above, we offer you a further 30% discount to upgrade your Poker Copilot 6 to the new Poker Copilot 7.

Whats new in Poker Copilot-7

This offer is valid for 21 days from today.

Along with this offer, we are giving away a $16 full month’s worth of SharkScope Membership for you.

You can use the link below to purchase your Poker Copilot upgrade at the reduced price.

See you at the tables!


The Poker Copilot Team