Poker Copilot App Updating

I spent the easter weekend improving Poker Copilot’s app-updating. I wrote of this first here. As I developed the approach, technical issues steered me towards a two-part solution.

Part 1 is a notification within Poker Copilot of the update. This gives you a 1-click “get out of my way” or “update now” option:

Screen Shot 2012 04 09 at 8 17 49 PM

Click “Update Now” and a separate application, the “Poker Copilot Updater” opens, Poker Copilot closes, and the updating happens:

Screen Shot 2012 04 09 at 8 17 54 PM

At the end, the Updater closes itself, and relaunches Poker Copilot. This should help you keep Poker Copilot up-to-date on your computer. It will also reduce some of the support emails I get which say “I thought I updated but I still have the older version”. These occur due to the confusing update process up till now.

The new updater will be in the next Poker Copilot update. However, you’ll only see it in action on the subsequent update.